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Any time is China Tea Time

Chinese woman playing traditional zither

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Black, green, white, oolong or Pu’er, with or without milk and sugar, a slice of lemon, there is a tea for every mood and every occasion in China.

If you have ever been to China you will notice that tea is drunk by almost everyone in many different ways. Sure, there is also a strong coffee following in China, but, looking at tea from a wide perspective, it is still the queen.

Whist coffee is the darling of the younger, say mid 30’s plus, upwardly mobile, trendy urbanites, tea segments into different generations and regions. Head into the rural areas, away from the big cities and you will find plenty of tea  aficionados. The most popular form of their beverage, and we are generalising here, is green tea, brewed and stored in the ubiquitous 3 or 4 cup flask which they carry with them. The same as the goto drink of seniors in the cities.

Milk tea has become a hot product recently, what is also known in some countries as bubble tea. Wander near any university or high school and you will see milk tea stands doing a good trade with younger consumers.

Browse any supermarket, 7/11 or small store and you will find a bewildering range of bottled teas lining up next to the Cokes, Pepsi, fruit and energy drinks.

But before it becomes that delicious, refreshing, multi variety beverage, it has to start somewhere. Green tea, white tea, black tea, all start from the same bush.

Today we take a look at the first steps in the process, tea growing and picking in the tea plantations across China, courtesy of China Daily.

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  1. Can we guess you are a tea drinker @changetherapy?
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