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Breaking China Marketing News

Know what’s happening today, now, in China Business, Marketing, Tech or Social Media with our hand picked trusted media resources.

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Caixin is a Beijing based publication of business China generally.

Despite its local base, it is not afraid to call things as they are.

Caixin is a FREEMIUM publication, some stories are by subscription only. Highly recommended

Jing Daily

Jing daily focuses on China Luxury, which even if it is not your focus, should still be of interest to you as it is a very good gauge of the marketing climate in China.

Where luxury goes, mainstream usually follows.

South China Morning Post -SCMP

Most businesses know this one. It can get a bit salacious and sensational at times.

Is, more oft than not, blocked in China because of its open criticism.

Never-the-less, it’s business stories are another excellent source of learning.

Not as good as Caixin, worth browsing.


Started in 2007 by Dr. Lu Gang, TechNode began as one man’s attempt to tell the world about what’s happening in China’s tech and startup ecosystems.

It is now, much, much more than that. A complete one stop tech news site. We like TechNode as it presents a better understanding behind today’s China tech headlines.
Also in Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

China Daily

Yep, we know what you are thinking. Yet despite its reputation as “Party Mouthpiece” its business and technology section are often informative.

It does take a more conservative, superficial approach but should not be written off as a source for China biz news.

TWOC – The World of Chinese

TWOC is not, strictly speaking a business orientated site. However, like Sixth Tone, it does fit into our broader aim of helping foreign businesses better understand their Chinese customers.

TWOC puts China into a cultural perspective with stories about Chinese people by Chinese people. A “Freemium” model, there is no reason for you not to subscribe.

Yicai Global

 Yicai is a Shanghai based well respected Chinese language site focused on economics and finance.

The Global site is an English language option with broader categories. However it lacks the depth and breadth of Caixin while its pro Gvt style of reporting gives it a less adventurous feel.

If you are looking for purely China business financial and economics statistical data then this will be helpful. However our top, generic news pick is still Caixin.

Cosmetics Design Asia

Title says it all really. Their self description states:
“News & Analysis on Cosmetics Formulation & Packaging in Asia-Pacific.”

If this is your industry and you want to keep up in Asia, welcome. They also have an EU ans US version.

Updated less often~

Sixth Tone

Sixth Tone is less of a news site and more a sharp lens on China society and what is happening at grass roots level.

Ideal as your early warning system for tends and changes in China.

Not afraid to push boundaries in some of their content.

China Internet Watch (CIW)

CIW is part of Incitez Pte. Ltd. (a digital consulting company based in Singapore) just as Aim2D is part of Bicyu Digital.

However, CIW operate on a “Freemium” model.

They cover  retailautomotive, techmedia, we link to their tourism section.

The Luxury Conversation

A platform for luxury professionals that curates and highlights topical issues that are impacting the industry and weighing on the minds of our community.

From consumer attitudes and trends to the factors influencing and shaping the market

The Luxury Conversation features articles on trends and interviews with industry leaders, publishes newsletters and reports.

The Taste Collective

A Shanghai-based Creative Food & Beverage Agency creating experiential  F&B.  From pop-ups,  activations, and disruptive  campaigns  for brands in China. We link to their monthly “blog” because- well, its rather good!


Ahh, it is difficult to go or do much in China without the seemingly omnipotent  and ubiquitous Alibaba.

A finger in every pie, if there weren’t so many pies.

We link to their “New Retail” news page. Why? Because it is the future today of retailing in China. They also produce some brilliant videos.

Think China

Think China is a Singapore based Ezine focused on China economy, politics, culture and society.

As an off shore publication it provides a clear, objective viewpoint.

Whilst not directly aimed at business, it is ideal for helping build a real time background snapshot of what is going on at grass roots in China.

More Great Reading

Life isn’t, or shouldn’t be just about business. There needs to be a balance. So, here a a few other links to publications that see things from an alternative perspective or culture.

Change Therapy

Change Therapy is Steve Jones, a practising psychotherapist in Scotland. Steve’s work is insightful and comes from personal experience.

Several of his articles have inspired us to look at them from a business perspective.

Politics Today

Just as Aim2D presents an alternative to the usual, mainstream media China news, Politics Today presents a different view on politics.

If you like Aim2D, you may find this Turkish view on politics interesting. However, the views published are not those of Aim2D.

Zorin OS

You may have read news MS will up the hardware standards for its Win 11 release. Does that mean your existing PC is outdated?

For M/S maybe, but not for Zorin. Zorin is as easy to use as any Win system – we have run it on a 20 year old machine for 5 years now.


A global, round-the-clock news channel in English, Arabic, Spanish, German, English and Russian, broadcast from Moscow, Washington, UK and France.

News with an edge on stories overlooked by mainstream media, with a Russian viewpoint on major global events.

Winner of the Monte Carlo TV Festival Awards the only Russian TV channel to be an eleven-time Emmy finalist. In 2021


NWP or News Without Politics is a refreshing change if you are sick of the usual biased garbage.

NWP searches for stories that are quite relevant, inspiring, compelling, useful, and definitely not boring.

Tune into the pulse and heartbeat of China today.
Real time contextual news means you can anchor your customers social media data to the background in which she functions and influences her buying decisions. This perspective, helps you better understand your customers, their motivations and ultimately, make better China business decisions.

Thanks for reading our China news, marketing, tech and social media article – we hope it was useful, relative, informative, valuable.
We would be honoured if you subscribed to our content.

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Introducing Everlyne YU


In 2003 Everlyne Yu co-founded WPBeijing Marketing Studio with Englishman Peter Bic, now known as Bic Brands.

She began Uengager, as a SaaS MarTech company focused on customer engagement in 2017.

Hello, Nihao, I’m Everlyne

I love to talk about and help people understand the amazing ways MarTech and SaaS can work to strengthen your business engagement with Chinese consumers.
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Everlyne is also a key note speaker, lecturer and KOL on MarTech in China. She is CEO of Uengager, business development officer for Bicyu.

Everlyne hs been privileged to work with a variety of international organisations, from VW, Cushman Wakefield, Sodexo, Bristol Myers Squibb to local Chinese firms such as Midea, and OK Order.

If you’re looking for guidance, tips, advice on any aspect of starting or growing a business in China or training, coaching your existing China marketing team for excellence, be sure to check out Uengager. Home page and base for Everlyne Yu. Read her short bio – opposite left – or contact her direct – below – for a free, heart to heart chat.

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