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Because as a serious business considering China as a market for your product or service, what you read and see on mainstream news is not helpful or relevant to you trying to understand the Chinese consumer.


Marketing tech helps you understand your consumers from a “data” perspective, but to really connect, don’t you need to better understand them as people? Understand localised trends, issue, challenges that shape her environment and impact his purchase decisions?

How do I develop my brand in China?” is a common question.
Like most common questions, the answer is a little more complex.
Although we can give you an overall idea, at the end of the day, it is rare for two brands to share the same issues.

Although you may be in the same niche market as hundred of other firms, your business is unique. It has to be to encourage customers to select you over the competition. Our Aim is to accentuate positive elements, identify and eliminate weaknesses.

If you are at the start gate, wondering where to go next, don’t hesitate to drop us a line with any questions. Be sure to include some background info on your brand, your aims, ideas, time line, budget, what you know about the China market, any research or action you have taken so far. We will come back to you with some ideas or suggestion for you to chew over.

If you are happy and still want to proceed we can sit down and agree a plan forward.

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SaaS on a computer screen
SaaS on a computer screen

What is SaaS?

SaaS: Abbreviation for Software as a service, also known as SoD; “Software on Demand.” SaaS, “subscription” not “ownership” based model. Users rent Apps as and when needed. Users do not buy software. Read more

diagram of the cloud
Diagram of the cloud: image PC Mag

What is The Cloud?

Ultimately, the “cloud” is just a metaphor for the internet. It goes back to the days of flowcharts and presentations that would represent the gigantic server-farm infrastructure of the internet as nothing but a puffy cloud, accepting >> read more

2 Chinese female shoppers wearing masks
Chinese female shoppers :

A Better User Experience

Companies, brands, corporations, web site owners, large or small, spend time and money developing, optimising, promoting, marketing their site. What they are looking for is better user engagement. This is what we offer with Uengager >> read more

China Optimisation

black hat seo
Black hat seo

Since Google introduced PENGUIN its search and destroy black hat SEO, search engines have only become smarter. The days of using a hot keyword- such as sex- when it had no relationship to your site, just to fool the search engine are gone. Google search etal are now revenue driven and if your site doesn’t contribute to their bottom line it is not going to see daylight.

Customer Relationship

China Luxury Shoppers
China Luxury Shoppers-

Customer relationship management is a dynamic industry,an issue many businesses continue, to grapple with. This dynamism and complexity means SaaS CRM may not be the total answer.
CRM is too important to leave to chance.
Uengager knows SaaS, we consult, advice and operate your SaaS strategies.

China Content Marketing


This “new” content first philosophy has been around pre digital.
In simple terms, content marketing creates marketing material targeted to a particular sector or niche shopper. Not everyone thinks, dresses or behave the same. Different people have different ideas. For success in China, your web site needs to be able to cater for that.

China Traffic Conversion

china tourists-Oct-2020
china tourists-Oct-2020

Ask any CMO, marketer or website owner to list the top three things they value, chances are traffic will figure. And for good reason. No traffic, no customers, no sales, no income, no business.
If your entire business depends on your online site, such as an E-com store then you know the value of traffic. Equally important for brick and mortar [B&M] stores dependent on foot traffic through their front doors

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