2020 Top Downloded Apps

The start of 2021 has not been terribly encouraging. In fact, in some ways is mirroring its predecessor. Both years began tragically with aircraft crashes and loss of life followed by a surge in virus cases in China and massive increases globally.

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Xpeng, Nio, Tesla

Latest China EV Motoring News

If you are not familiar with the first 2 names, don’t worry, you may soon be. They are aiming to be China’s leading domestic EV brands, along with Tesla. Whilst still long way from toppling Tesla as leader, both Xpeng and Nio recorded increased sales figures for December 2020. What is more interesting though, to us at least, is Tesla responded by cutting its retail price. Again.
It’s against this backdrop that our story today unfolds .

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Rape and Sexism is never funny

This is a short story because, basically, words fail us.
It revolves around a Weibo post from a Chinese company called Pure Cotton where a masked man is seen staking a woman at night.
At some point she uses a Pure Cotton wet wipe to remove her make up revealing her male gender.
The company claimed it was “humour.”
In the space of a few hours, several million Chinese disagreed.

Now maybe, just maybe, a foreign firm might be forbidden for accidentally straying into sensitive Asian culture. But this was a Chinese brand.

Lets make it crystal clear, rape, sexual assault, stalking, demeaning or degrading someone on basis of sex, gender or physical appearance is never OK.

And sure as heck, is not OK in an ad, not in China, not anywhere.
If you have a social medal ad or campaign planned we offer an Internet content proof reading service at a reasonable fee. We do suggest you use it, it might save you a lot of heartbreak later.

Weibo ad screen shot used in head image comes courtesy of Caixin Global, where you can also read their take on the disaster.

About Bicyu

In 2003 Everlyne Yu co-founded WPBeijing Marketing Studio with Englishman Peter Bic, now known as Bicyu / Aim2D. She began Uengager, a company focused on customer engagement, as a SaaS MarTech company in 2017.

Everlyne is also a key note speaker, lecturer and KOL on MarTech in China. She is CEO of Uengager, business development officer for Bicyu.

Everlyne hs been privileged to work with a variety of international organisations, from VW, Cushman Wakefield, Sodexo, Bristol Myers Squid to local Chinese firms such as Midea, and OK Order.

Bicyu client logo bar
A selection of Bicyu clients since 2003

Hello, Nihao, I’m Everlyne.

Everlyne Yu-
Everlyne Yu

I love to talk about and help people understand the amazing ways MarTech and SaaS can work to strengthen your business engagement with Chinese consumers.
I know you have questions or want to talk about your brand or business in China so please, drop me a line opposite. If you prefer live chat, call and talk to me live, in person direct.


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Never Miss Latest China Biz News

If you are familiar with Aim2D you will know that our prime purpose is to bring you the latest cutting edge business, marketing, tech and social media news in China. China is a big country, and a lot can happen in a day, especially over different industries and segments.

This page is updated weekly, so the chances of you missing something are extremely good. Which is why we suggest, if you really want to know what is happening in China, tech wise or anything else related to business in China today, right now, please check out Breaking China Marketing News. That way you will always have your finger on the pulse of business in China.

Then either bookmark this page, or, better still, sign in to our feed to get our analysis and take on China’s top stories for the week. Then you won’t miss anything. The best of both worlds. And don’t forget, if you have a question re your brand or organisation in China, we’d love to hear from you.

Drop a line to resident Chinese China business pro Everlyne.

China Europe Business News

If we are being honest, our first topic might not actually fit the definition of “news” as it is a few days old now. We are talking about the Chinese and European Union bilateral investment agreement that will expand European companies access to China’s economy.

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China Lux and Fashion News

Hello, Happy New Year – 2021!

Beijing is having one of its coldest, meanest winters for a while. In fact, China is unusually chilly, a nation wide orange alert warning was issued last week. Not often we get that. Hope it is not so extreme where you are.
As you may have guessed from our past post; “Join the Bico Biz Bloc” we’re very positive about business in 2021. In particular business between China and the EU, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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Join the Bico Biz Bloc

In case you missed it and are wondering who Bico Biz Bloc is, we are the company which supports the Aim2D, Bicyu and Uengager brands. Aim2D is, as you know, a media site bringing you the latest, real time news and updates about Business, Marketing, Tech and Social Media in China. Aim2D provides a convenient, one location portal for overseas companies thinking of and researching a China market entry or those already with a presence here.

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China Cosmetics and Beauty News

As we draw to an end of the year, time to just quickly refresh some of the publications we source our articles from. If your focus or interest is the beauty or cosmetic industry in China, or anywhere in Asia for that matter then Cosmetic Design Asia is a website you should keep an eye on.

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China UX Revisited

Once apon a time, well, a few days ago actually, in a country far far away – we are talking about Christchurch City in New Zealand – councillors decided it was time to redecorate the city buses. Good for them too. In some of our travels we find the often dull grey or lifeless beige biscuit tins on the wheels quite depressing.

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Double Eleven – more numbers

We have, on a few occasions, written about China’s Singles Day or Double Eleven shopping festivals. One month on from 2020’s Singles day, today’s article takes a sort of behind the scenes look at some more numbers. Those behind Alibaba’s side of the 11/11 extravaganza.

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China’s War on Plastic

Perhaps for many people living outside China, the words China and environmental protection do not conjugate. Are a contradiction in terms. Indeed, outside China it is seen as a joke, lip service whilst inside, a source of frustration. The reasons for this are many, and complex, ranging from lack of technology to education and understanding.

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China Life Streaming: pushing boundaries

Hello, today we look at a third and final – for this segment – in our China Live Streaming video trilogy. Last time we looked at how Alibaba’s Taobao Live Streaming app was used by fruit growers in China. We were hoping to dispel the myth that Life Streaming is only for high end luxury goods or brands. If you missed that, you can see it here; “From Farm to Table.”

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Live Streaming: an alternative view

Welcome, last time we looked at China’s 11/11 festival. Today we present the second in our trilogy of Alibaba focused short videos exploring what is now a mandatory tool in any brand’s China marketing tool box. The topic of “Live Streaming “in marketing to Chinese.

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China 11/11 Live Streaming

Trilogies. We love them at Aim2D. They provide a nice way to look at one topic, which may be broad, and break it into a series of smaller sub topics. So it is with Live Streaming in China. Trillogies work even better when released as short videos.

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Creative Tips for China’s 11/ 11

It was the biggest online sales festival of the year in China and maybe the world. Thankfully, it is all over and done with until 2021. But you can bet your life that planning for that event has already started. In this, short post, we look at five more examples of creative D11 campaigns from this year, courtesy of The Luxury conversation.

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China’s Economy to Surge past 56 Nations in 4 years

Perhaps you have been reading the reports on the China economic post Covid recovery. Maybe you have been wondering if you should be entering the China market. However you might be skeptical regarding the figures. Can they really be trusted? Is China really going to move ahead? We understand, it is natural, so we suggest you take a look at this article courtesy of Caixin for a closer, objective look.

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China FMCG 2020

August 10, 2020 By CIW Team

Today we bring you the last in our current trilogy of reports from China Internet Watch, this time looking at Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in China. This article is noticeably shorter as it is part of CIW’s “premium” content, only available to subscribers. However, this isn’t going to be a bank breaker, subscription rates are very attractive, and as you can see from the image below, they are currently on promotion.

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China’s NEV sales up 68% Sep 2020

Hello, last week we looked at China’s third quarter retail sales for 2020. Today we we’ll sharpen the focus a few fstops and take a look at China’s automobile sales for September 2020. As usual we draw from an October 14, 2020 report by the CIW Team, our favorite go to source for China statistical data. Further data is collated from CAIXIN, China Daily and our own research. Overall automobile sales in China for September 2020 reached 2.655 million. A 112.8% year-on-year increase. However cumulative sales volume from January to September was 17.116 million, down 6.9% year-on-year.

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Mirror Mirror on the wall

This article originally appeared in China Daily By Chai Hua in Shenzhen | chinadaily.com.cn | November 8th 2020.

Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies Co debuted 15 Internet of Things products at an event in Shenzhen on Thursday. While we might just be coming to terms with smart mirrors, move over Snow White, and feel safe to go back into the bathroom Huawei has yet another surprise for us. A pillow to monitor sleep quality, a toothbrush that can play mobile phone games and a doorbell capable of recognizing guests.

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China retail sales growth turned positive in Q3 2020

October 19, 2020 By CIW Team

With this year’s -2020 – double eleven or single’s day retail extravaganza only a week away speculation is rife as to whether the event can live up to its hype. Will it exceed last year’s sales and produce the massive figures we have all become bored with year after year? While Octobers “Golden Week” and last public holiday in China – National Day celebration – turned in some very good results for some brands current concern revolves around production and logistics. In other words, can China manufacture and distribute enough to satisfy demand?

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