#24 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi for Friday 18h June. Again we are looking at a short round up of China Tech, Marketing, Social Media and business news making headlines in China for week 24 of 2021. This weeks issue is noticeable thin, partly as China is still coming back to work after a long weekend. Have something you fancy hearing about or sharing? Use our contact from or leave a comment.

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Chinese Festivals : Duanwu

Hello. If you are an old, seasoned China business hand, you will be well versed with the various festivals and holidays that fall here. And well prepared in advance. That preparation will vary of course, depending on your location and your type of business.

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#23 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi for Thursday 10th June, almost middle of the year. Again we are looking at a short round up of China Tech, Marketing, Social Media and business news making headlines in China for week 23 of 2021. In this issue we look at, or revisit sextortion, is TikTok following Huawei another look at Huawei, Smart Retail in China and yes, again those Elephants. Got something you fancy hearing about or sharing? Use our contact from or leave a comment.

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International Brands in China

From time to time we post in support of the publications and sources we use to collect much of our material. This fits in with Aim2D’s purpose: to provide informative, educational materiel to help brands better understand the China market. However, despite the reference to lux in this weeks title, it isn’t just fashion or luxury brands that can benefit. Why?

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#22 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi for Thursday 3rd June, just a few weeks to middle of the year. Again we are looking at a short round up of China Tech, Marketing, Social Media and business news making headlines in China for week 22 of 2021. In this issue we look at Lying Flat, Xiaomi, Fast Fashion in China, Elephants in South China and our summer schedule.

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#21: China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi for Thursday 27 May. Today we are looking at a short round up of China Tech, Marketing, Social Media and business news making headlines in China for week 21 of 2021. In this issue we look at China EV, from a Huawei perspective, China natural energy, and fat pigs!

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China Cosmetics and Beauty News

So far this year we have, from time to time revisited some of the sites we often draw out content from and recommend to you for keeping abreast of what is happening in China business now. They form the backbone of our “Breaking China Marketing News” link. If your focus or interest is the beauty or cosmetic industry in China, or anywhere in Asia for that matter then Cosmetic Design Asia is a website you should keep an eye on.

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All that glistens..

WPBeijing was a marketing studio founded by Peter Bic and Everlyne Yu in Beijing, October 2003. Now known as Bic Brands NZ Co Ltd and Uengager, a Beijing registered Martech company.
Aim2D is an umbrella media arm of Bic Brands.

This article is part of a Weekend Series where we dare to share some of our experiences, insights and off topic commentary (usually caustic) oft supported by links to third party articles or sites.
As with all our work, there is no
copy-write. You are free to share, sub-edit, reproduce, sell, heck, even claim it as your own work if you are so desperate. But we are sure you can do better!

However, please bear in mind, some articles contain content from other creatives.
We ask you at least respect
their IP and labour.

Of course, we won’t say no if you want to link back to us, or in other ways acknowledge us!
So, make yourself a pot of Oolong tea, grab a chocolate bar and settle down for a longer read


Greetings from Shunyi for Saturday 22nd May. Seems like just a few days back we welcomed May. Now it is nearly finished. Today we are playing with the old proverb about gold and other shiny things. Yep, we realise that glistens is more oft, correctly used when something is wet or moist, but again, that is a play on marketers salivation when some new “toy” is announced.

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China Re-Commerce

Hello and as always, greetings from Shunyi for Tuesday, 18th May 2021. Tail end of spring here. Partially cloudy sky but lots of blue patches with a temp of 25* at 9-30. Probably top 30 before the day ends. Over the past few articles we’ve introduced you to some of the publications we follow and refer to you as good sources of insight for life in China. Yes, life in China.
Because understanding your customer, her background and life is key to business success in China.

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China – New Normal

Hello, greetings again from Shunyi, Thursday 13 May. As a back drop, lets recall that Aim2D was created to provide better data and insight into China for international marketers thinking of setting up business here. Consequently, naturally, most of our readership is business orientated. Most, not all. For example one of our followers is Change Therapy, run by Steve, in Edinburgh, Scotland, a practising Psychotherapist, using his Psychology and Counselling background to promote Wellbeing in the Community. One of his posts inspired this article.

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Think China

In case this is your first visit – welcome by the way- a short introduction. Aim2D is a curated link reference / informational site developed to bring up to date, relevant and useful marketing, tech and social media news for businesses researching the China market. We do this in a couple or three ways.

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Bitcoin Sextorsion – What to do.

Hello, good morning from Shunyi.
This particular piece on sextortion and scams deviates widely from our usual China business focus, inspired by a few questioning emails and friends who had been infected.

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May in Beijing

Something of an ambiguous, even provocative title for today’s article. Hello again and greetings from Shunyi where it is Thursday, May 6th. This is a short post around that stalwart of British conversation; The Weather. We bestowed it with CAPS in honour of its importance!
And no, that is not May in our head image.

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The China Daily

Hello again from Shunyi for Tuesday, 4th May where, probably like you, China is getting back to work after a 3 day long weekend for the annual May Day Holiday. To outsiders it may seem that China has a lot of holidays. True. Sort of. But we can discuss that in another article – maybe. Today, we will focus on the much maligned, misunderstood, oft castigated, poor old China People’s Daily.

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Power of China Social Media

Hello, greetings from Shunyi for the last Thursday of April – 20th. Social media is a powerful marketing tool, we all know that. However, China’s culture has led to social media being even more potent. And that can also mean problematic. As Tesla China recently found out.

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China Internet Watch

Hello, greetings again from Shunyi, a stones throw from Beijing Capital Airport for Tuesday, April 27. Where did that month go? Today’s, short post is one of abbreviations, starting with CIW, or China Internet Watch. Our headline. But before we go there, lets dig back a wee bit into our history. Yes, we were once known as WPBeijing, however before even that …….

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Traffic Lights for Camels- China

Diverging from our usual content a little bit here to feature something unusual. The story was originally covered by ECNS – not one of our recommended media because, well, they tend to be a rather long way from objective in many articles. A bit like their US counterpart – CNN. We posted it as an out of the ordinary piece, and a for the rather upbeat Chinese music background track.

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Buy Chinese Sneakers for $7,000?

Hello and greetings again from Shunyi for Tuesday 13th April. A little scary, we are half way through the month already. Well, nearly. Aim2D is a platform for cutting edge China business, Marketing, Technology and Social Media News. Yet we rarely feature China Social Media.
Why is that?

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The Business of Luxury in China

Hello again for Thursday, April 8th from a warming up and more humid Shunyi. Those who read our earlier post on Qingming Festival and travel will recall that it is said to coincide with the warming up and onset of the rainy season in China. So far, it has. Today we are going to continue our slightly more indepth look at some of the publications we follow and recommend for CEO’s, CMO’s and foreign marketers or businesses owners generally who have or looking at developing a China presence.

We began with our old stalwart, Caixin Global, a daily on line news sheet focusing on indepth analysis and quality, transparent reporting on business in China. In particular, finance and the economy. However, it also does a very respectable job of trends, marketing and social attitudes in China. We also looked at Sixth Tone, a more alternative or other side view of issues in China.


Today we are looking at what, at first blush, may appear to be more of a niche or specialist on line publication. Jing Daily. Obviously, a daily updated site. Part of the Jing Group, it maybe one of the few we follow that are not China based. However, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its finger smack in the middle of the China pulse. Quite the opposite. To quote from their website, (paraphrased) Jing describes itself thus:

our mission: to understand the forces shaping the future of the luxury industry – bringing our readers the latest news, analysis, features, and reports exploring developments in that landscape. We seek to understand how the definition of luxury, and by turn its consumption, are changing, how the digital landscape in China is developing, and how brands are adapting and taking advantage of those changes.

Jing Daily

We said, above, it may seem to be a niche market publication. In other words, some foreign brands in China may – and in fact do ask us-

“What the heck has the luxury / fashion segment got to do with my brand? I am not in lux.”

Again, if you have been following us since circa 2003 when we first began in China, we have regularly addressed this question. It is fair comment. Your brand may not be perceived as luxury per se by you or consumers in its domestic market. But a combination of factors, largely beyond your control, such as import duty, Chinese culture can conspire to push both your retail point and reputation or perception of in the minds of your Chinese consumers into the lux segment.

We have also pointed out on many occasions that in China at least, where luxury and fashion go, by and large, mainstream China is not too far behind. Therefore, even if your brand is not lux, even if it is not seen as such even in China, tracking lux and the trends is a very valuable marketing tool. A good example is this particular article around the often asked question around Live Streaming in China:

I know video-sharing platforms are popular in China, but which fits my brand best?”

If that happens to be a question on your mind then Jing Daily takes a deep dive into the differences between China video sharing platforms, so you can pick the one that best suits your brand. If not maybe this piece;  Tourism and the Future of British Luxury is more your taste? Either way a regular subscription to Jing Daily is one of the best free investments any brand thinking about China can make.

Thanks for reading our China news, marketing, tech and social media article – we hope it was useful, relative, informative, valuable.

Not Useful?
Then perhaps you may like to chat directly and personally with Everlyne?
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In 2003 Everlyne Yu co-founded WPBeijing Marketing Studio with Englishman Peter Bic, now known as Bic Brands.

She began Uengager, a company focused on customer engagement, as a SaaS MarTech company in 2017.

Hello, Nihao, I’m Everlyne

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Everlyne is also a key note speaker, lecturer and KOL on MarTech in China. She is CEO of Uengager, business development officer for Bicyu.

Everlyne hs been privileged to work with a variety of international organisations, from VW, Cushman Wakefield, Sodexo, Bristol Myers Squibb to local Chinese firms such as Midea, and OK Order.

If you’re looking for guidance, tips, advice on any aspect of starting or growing a business in China or training, coaching your existing China marketing team for excellence, be sure to check out Uengager. Home page and base for Everlyne Yu. Read her short bio – opposite left – or contact her direct – below – for a free, heart to heart chat.

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Death in China Culture

A couple of weeks back we wrote about Qing Ming or Tomb Sweeping Day in China. We also covered the mis steps many brands make in their attempts to “relate'” to their Chinese customers. More recently, last Tuesday in fact, we also took time to remind you of some of the truly excellent online resources for foreign businesses investing in China. Today, we will- attempt- to put these together in a short, hopefully enlightening- article.

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