The Emotional Cost of Covid

Hello again, greetings from Aim2D in Shunyi. Today is Thursday December 2nd and as our first post for this month we are changing tac a little bit. Starting today Thursdays will become China Image Day as we share pictures or galleries of, what we hope are interesting, useful or informative shots in and around China. Sometimes there may be nothing relative. We may also include some text background or explanation as necessary. We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback. We would love to share any photos you have.

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A New Zealand Success Story in China.

New Zealand, that country nestled deep in the South Pacific, not too far from that other little place that was once a British penal colony. When asked, most people usually think of sheep, kiwi fruit and the game, rugby – which incidentally, we are told, translates to Chinese as “the game played with a ball that looks like a big brown olive.” Hmm, not so sure about that. However, today we are looking at another aspect of NZ. One not so often spoken of.

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Aim2D Black Friday

Hello again for Thursday November 25th. As usual we are here in Shunyi where we are still enjoying a rather temperate and mild tail to Autumn. Unlike some of our colleagues further north in Jilin province. We will link to some images at the end of the is short article.

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Bottoms up in China!

A cheeky (weak pun) provocative little title this week, but perhaps it is not it what you think.
Or maybe hoped.
Greetings again, as usual, from sunny Shunyi, north east of Beijing, a (good) stones throw from Beijing Capital Airport. Today is Tuesday, 23 of November and I am sure if you live outside of Asia, you know down to the second just how many shopping days there are left Christmas. So, in case the incessant festive ads and Maria Carey are driving you to drink, today, we have just the tonic – gin optional.

Let’s begin today with a wee dram. Diageo , the British alcohol giant, and owner of Johnny Walker Whiskey – among others announced recently plans to build a a 66,000 square meter (217,000 square foot) whisky distillery in Yunan, South China. The 67,000,000 dollar project is expected to be completed by mid 2023. They will produce a Chinese-origin, single malt whisky targeting the country’s “premium” drinkers. This is a clear signal they are going after the market currently “owned” by Kweichow Moutai Co, the producers of Chinese favourite tipple: Baijiu.

Diageo’s optimism and enthusiasm is likely build on strong sales of European top shelf spirits and beers in recent years and a fast growing middle class hungry to try luxury products. There has also been a trend towards whiskey generally in China. However, whilst there is undoubtedly a strong market for western premium alcoholic beverages, it remains to be seen if traditional cultural festivals, such as Spring Festival and weddings will join the trend. You can read the full story on line. we took ours from our colleagues at The Business Times – Singapore: Diageo to make whisky in China to woo premium drinkers

Diageo will not have it all their own way however as, back in 2019 the French firm Pernod Ricard also announced plans to launch a local China made malt whiskey on the market around 2023 from its distillery just a few provinces further north to Diageo, in Sichuan. Caixon Global covered that story back in 2019: In Baijiu Heartland, French Firm Plans Malt Whisky Distillery

Irish whiskey maker, Walsh is also a contender for the China market. Walsh began “testing:” Shortly after Corona hit their European and US sales the company began testing the water via a Malaysian entry. Citing better virus control and management in Asia generally they expanded inside the region. With success in Japan, Korea, Taiwan they too, also along with other Irish brand are eyeing the China market. This story was originally covered by Nikkei Asia: Irish whiskey makers eye Asia as COVID hits key US market.

Striking a Balance

Now we are all about balance and objectivity here at Aim2D so it would hardly be fair to post without some coverage of Baijiu. As foreign whiskey brands seek to dethrone Chinese local spirit, the reigning champ is not throwing in the towel just yet. It too has plans to take China’s national drink and introduce it to the world. Trouble is; That name! Chinese Distilled Liquor is hardly mouth watering or sensual.

To that end, China’s 2021 Import and Export Tariff Code has created a new official English name for the country’s traditional liquor; “Chinese Baijiu.” OK, nothing really revolutionary or earth shattering. However, to China’s Weibo users it was something more of a grand, momentous occasion with around 16 thousand offering enthusiastic comments about the decision under the hashtag #Chinese-Baijiu-Gets-a-New-English-Name 中国白酒英文名改了. You can read more about all this excitement: Will ‘Chinese Baijiu’ Name Change Propel It To Global Dominance?

Will it indeed?
Who knows, so sit tight, coming soon to a bottle store, pub or off licence near you, Chinese Baijiu. Maybe.
Just the think for Friday night’s sweet and sour, fried rice or wantons.

Thanks for reading our China news, marketing, tech and social media article – we hope it was useful, relative, informative, valuable.

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Huawei Bounce Back?

Hello, greetings again as usual from Shunyi for Thursday, November 18. A very, very foggy Shunyi. Airport is temporarily closed. On the subject of airport and flights, as from today, Beijing has restricted the number of domestic flights and passengers it will accept from Covid infected areas. So, if you were looking to fly into Beijing over the next few days or so, best check carefully. Seating will be limited. Now, back to Huawei.

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China Covid – a Perspective

Hello again and warm greetings from Shunyi for Tuesday, November 16th. A shorter piece today linking back to an older article, circa Feb 2020 from our colleagues at “Taste Collective.” It is essentially a brief, as in half a dozen questions, survey to various actors involved in marketing to Chinese in some form or other.

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China: November Eleven

Hello, greetings from Shunyi for November eleventh, yes, double eleven and we are moving on. We may, perhaps, later bring you updates but for now, let’s look at other business news headlines making news in China courtesy of Yicai Global.

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Alibaba Double Eleven Hype

Hello, greetings from a very cool, snowy Shunyi for Tuesday November 9th, just 2 days from the much hyped, dare we say OVER, China 2021 Double Eleven shopping festival. Today we are bringing you an Alibaba video: How Chinese Consumers Shop Online – 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Or maybe how Big tech would like it. An innocuous enough title at first glance, but is more going on below the surface than is visible?

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Assumptions in China

Hello and greetings from Shunyi for Thursday Nov 4th, the day beofre Guy Fawkes if you are British. If you are not, sorry about that. If you have read any of our previous posts, one of the things you may have noticed is we are big fans of Change Therapy, a website run by Steve, a psychologist up in bonny Scotland. His articles often serve as inspiration for some of our own. Such as this one: Assumptions in China – especially around doing business successfully.

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China – November 2021

Hello, welcome again to Aim2D for Tuesday November 2nd, 2021. Over the past couple of articles we have looked at the upcoming 11/11 or Double Eleven sales whatever in China. Also called Singles day in some foreign media. Today will will look at singles, from another angle. Also, take a quick look at Yum brands.

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Happy Birthday to us!

Yes, today is our birthday – 18 years old.

Saturday, 29th October 2003 we officially launched WordPerfect Marketing Studio, a legally licensed and registered China business.

Later to be the grandmother of Aim2d. Coincidentally – not – it was also Everlyne’s Birthday. Today is a double celebration

Those were tough years. No digital back then. Sales reigned supreme in China, marketing was a dirty word, untrusted, tantamount to a scam. Sales Managers were King.

We have learnt a lot since.

To everyone who has worked with us over the years, a big thank you! You have been critical to our success

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So here’s looking at you kid, and the next 18 years!

Preparing for China’s 11/ 11

In our past 2 posts we have talked generally about China’s shopping festivals and the marketing frenzy in the lead up to the Chinese New Year or Spring festival. Today, our last post for October we focus a little more on Double Eleven (11/11) and build on our last article; China Double Eleven and revisit a story from last, year courtesy of our colleagues at “The Luxury Conversation”.

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China Double Eleven

Hello, warm greetings again from Shunyi for October 26th, our penultimate issue for this month. Previously, last Thursday to be exact, we mentioned that China is entering the crazy season – a busy time for marketers and delivery gals and guys alike. Hopefully a boom time for brands and sellers internationally.

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Create China Customer Connections

Greetings again from Aim2D in Shunyi for Thursday 21st October. Was it not, just a few days ago we were looking forward to the beginning of October and a 10 day break? Now we are but the same number of days away from November.

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LinkedIn out of China

Hello, good morning from Shunyi for Tuesday October 19th. During last weekend news broke that Microsoft had decided to pull the plug on their China operations. This was apparently in response to what they saw as Chinese censorship of their platform. Let’s take a quick look at that.

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Aim2 D: Raison d’être

Hello, welcome back for Thursday 14th October as China struggles back to work after a long 10 day (for some) China National Day holiday. While we were scouring the Internet recently we stumbled apon a story re China’s victory over the US in the supposed war of AI and her technical superiority. Now, for anyone who has spent more than 6 months in China since circa 2016 this is no real surprise. China is very much hi tech developed and driven and in some ways..

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Yum: Bucking the Trend in China

Hello, greetings and welcome again from Shunyi. Covid has, as we all know, wreaked havoc on many industries. Among those hit hardest was the hospitality industry. Especially food and drink. Aim2D today looks at one brand that is bucking the trend, at least in China. China has around 10 days National Day holiday, so see ya around Oct 14th!

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Rise and fall of foreign auto’s in China

Hello, greetings from Shunyi for Thursday 21st September. Last week we looked at European Auto Brand History in China which focused briefly on the rise of the motor car in China and the foreign brands driving it. This article looks at where things may be now in this bloody, vicious battleground and bitterly competitive market.

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Thinking Differently

Hello, and again, welcome from Shunyi for September 21st. ‘Tis Mid Autumn Festival celebration in China, Asia. Colloquially called Moon Cake day. We talked about that here:

So today is actually a holiday – we are closed. That means we have an opportunity to talk about something other than China Marketing Business directly.

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2021 Met Gala and China

Hello again from Shunyi for Thursday Thursday September 16. Diverting somewhat from our usual strategy to bring an excerpt from an article written by Adina Laura Achim published the other day on Jing Daily. One of our “Goto” sources for cutting edge China news.

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