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The Metaverse in China and other Shiny Toys

China 5 G mobile consumers

Hello and welcome back to Aim2D for Tuesday March 15th- halfway through the month already. Today we continue showcasing our our favourite resources for useful news and stories relevant to marketing, tech, business or social in China. Plus we take a quick look at some things which made local China business news last week.

Breaking China Business, Marketing, Tech and social News

OK, lets get to it. In our page “Breaking News” we link to around a dozen different publications that carry credible, objective, helpful and relevant stories news or trends to help businesses, large or small, make the right choices and decisions when researching a China market entry. Today we will highlight two.

The Luxury Conversation

A platform for luxury professionals that curates and highlights topical issues that are impacting the industry and weighing on the minds of our community.

From consumer attitudes and trends to the factors influencing and shaping the market

The Luxury Conversation features articles on trends and interviews with industry leaders, publishes newsletters and reports.

Yicai Global

 Yicai is a Shanghai based well respected Chinese language site focused on economics and finance.

The Global site is an English language option with broader categories. However it lacks the depth and breadth of Caixin while its pro Gvt style of reporting gives it a less adventurous, more conservative feel.

If you are looking for purely China business financial and economics statistical data then this will be helpful. However our top pick is still Caixin.

Metaverse in China

Whether you are one who sees the Metaverse, AI, NFT’s and VR as the latest, greatest must have shiny new marketing toys or something of a craze that will be gone tomorrow, today’s Aim2D issue should still appeal.

First up we look at “What Brands need to Know about the Metaverse (and other new, shiny marketing toys) from the luxury perspective. Again, brought us by our mates at The Luxury Conversation. Also do remember that just because you may not see your brand as lux, doesn’t mean this is irrelevant. Very often, lux is a great bell weather for other brands and consumer goods in China.

Sticking with the Metaverse theme we are also linking you to Metaverse trends in China 2022 a white paper produced by China Internet Watch, another of our “Favorites” which we recently showcased. Please note, this links directly to their white paper which is a subscriber only option.

China Motoring

A nice little article from “Future Car” re Baidu’s Apollo Go robotaxi service which has expanded to Shenzhen’s Nanshan District, providing autonomous robotaxi services to commuters there for the first time. Shenzhen becomes the seventh major city where Baidu has introduced its robotaxi ride-hailing services in China, following previous launches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Changsha, and Cangzhou. Please read the full article here: Baidu’s Apollo Go Robotaxis Are Now Deployed in All of China’s Top Tier Cities After Launching in Shenzhen

Volkswagen helped China create its modern auto industry and was the beginning of learning about cars and first choice for many of China’s first generation of car owners.Volkswagen has been a the top seller almost every year. However, maybe coming late to the EV party in China is costing VW as it faces declining sales among fierce competition from Tesla and local Chinese EV brands. Can the VW Group regain their former crown? Caixin Global (premium ) take an indepth look at this: Volkswagen’s EV Missteps in China.

Apple in China

Last Tuesday, Apple unveiled the third-generation iPhone SE, the latest version of its smallest and cheapest iPhone, a 5G-enabled iPhone 13. Is Apple now looking to go head to head and take on the Chinese handsets which currently dominate this sector? The question is covered by Caixin Global (premium): Apple Takes On Chinese Smartphone-Makers With Revamped Budget Handset

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