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The Importance of Face in China

What brands contemplating China need to know about face. Maybe you have heard about FACE in China- maybe not. Maybe you have looked on in amusement and amazement as a group or couple of Chinese form a scrum at the cashier in a restaurant. A tussle to see who pays. It looks serious. It is!

Peoples Voice in China Government

Introducing China’s E-ferendums! We’ve listed this as SOCIAL Media News as it sheds a small amount of light n the way China works- sort of behind the scenes. Whilst it is true China does not have elections as we in the the west know them, with all the hype and pageantry, their system does provideContinue reading “Peoples Voice in China Government”

China’s E-ferendums

How to Fairly Limit the Traffic on Beijing Roads? In this article we introduced China’s E-feredums, a mechanism where both central and local Governments use social media platforms to “test the waters” before passing pending legislation into law. Much like the British referendum, they are of course non binding, and no Government can ever pleaseContinue reading “China’s E-ferendums”

Adidas Strengthens its Position in China

As China slowly starts to move towards a new post Covid future, more intentional big brand names are doubling down on their China investment. We recently commented on two German automobile brands, VW and BMW, who had increased their stake in their China investment. Today we look at another German brand following in similar footContinue reading “Adidas Strengthens its Position in China”

Rise and Fall of China Retail Sales, 2019 to 2020

China’s retail sales grew by 8% in 2019; online up 16.5% March 4, 2020 By CIW Team In 2019, the total retail sales of consumer goods in China reached 41,164.9 billion yuan (US$6,010 bn), up by 8.0% year-on-year (nominal growth rate). The real growth rate was 6.0%. Of the total, the retail sales of consumer goods excludingContinue reading “Rise and Fall of China Retail Sales, 2019 to 2020”

MarTech meets Art

Taking a few steps away from tech today into the world of art.Well, even technology needs some soul~ Question: What do you do with old subway carriages?Yes, and you could also turn them into an art installation. So, a Shanghai department store has done just that – an “immersive art space” inspired by the paintingsContinue reading “MarTech meets Art”

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