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OK, yep, we admit it, today’s title is a bit click baitish. But in a nice way with the best of intentions. We know this is what many serious firms are looking for when they consider their China venture. After all, if you in China, you are playing to win – right? But we also know it is not so easy to find. Which is of course, the reason d’etre behind the existence of Aim2D:

To provide CMO’s and SME’s with current, relevant, China Business, Marketing, Technology and Social Media news and Consumer Trends.

To achieve this we give you a sort of one stop page linking you to publications we known and trust. Some, such as our goto, Caixin, are updated daily, as is Jing Daily and China People’s Daily.
Others are weekly and a few monthly. For those who prefer to watch and listen in “byte” sized mouthfuls rather than read their China news, we also subscribe to Alizilla,* the official Alibaba website where you can learn; “What is Fresh Hippo?” Among other, less trivial things! (* Please note: Alibaba seem to update their site often and media we link to today may not play next month or next week – however the site is always available for you to select your own China marketing video choice.)

Caixin is a very good, gritty, investigative / reporting site. It comes, in our view, very close to China’s censorship rules sometimes. It is not afraid to offer criticism or dig a big deeper into a story.
A stand out example was encamping a journalistic team in Wuhan during the virus with direct, oft critical reporting of the situation on the ground. It focuses on the serious, bigger issues of China’s economy and business. A must subscribe to if you really want to develop a deeper understanding of how business works in China.

Jing Daily may seem as a frivolous bit of fashion fluff at fist blush. True, it does tend to focus on the luxury end of business and is less of an investigative site. However, as we have pointed a out seemingly since forever, for many “mainstream” brands in China, the chances are they maybe viewed as “lux’ by Chinese consumers. Jing Daily therefore provides fascinating and vital insight, not just into current lux trends in China, but the Chinese customers mind.

So, with that preview in mind this link takes you to the real time news page of the image below. Of course, if you have specific questions or interests relating to your brand or service in China, or a coaching / training session for your China marketing team, then Everlyne Yu is the woman to call.

Aim2D breaking China news link menu
Aim2D breaking China news link menu

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Bicyu is a NZ registered, British owned MarTech business based in Beijing providing marketing, tech, education and information services to European, NZ, Australian, UK, African, and Asian firms doing business in China. We work with local ones too. We've been here doing this since 2003. We also incorporate Aim2D and Uengager in our small brand list.

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