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What Aim2D Does

Aim2D hands power back to small businesses and individuals in their China Business and Marketing decision-making.

Launching a business in a foreign country is always a challenge. Language and cultural differences are enough of a head ache.

In China however businesses face an an extra hurdle in sourcing accurate, current information. Traditionally knowledge equates to power so even Gvt officials were scant with support.

Woman wearing fake news paper dress
Woman wearing fake news paper dress

Ok, FAKE NEWS is now a joke buzzword, but mainstream western media does tend to be skewed to click bait headlines and “stories” driven from Social Media.

Many Chinese media publications tend to bend the other way, with oft rosy pieces verging on political propaganda.

This is by and large, unhelpful for any business trying to source objective, useful data on China.

It is difficult to find publications with an objective viewpoint leaving brands largely in the dark. However, solid info is available.

There are some very excellent, objective business orientated news sources in China – and out of – if you know where to find them.

The problem seems very few foreign firms knew how or where to access it. For smaller brands trying to get a handle on the China market it is frustrating. This is the issue Aim2D was created to solve.


Aim2D helps international brands contemplating the China market locate and source relevant, useful, meaningful, real time news and information on China business, marketing, tech, social media, issues, and trends impacting Chinese consumers – – – TODAY


To solve that problem, Aim2D adopts a 2 pronged approach.

1/ We curate a selection of links to 8 or 10 sources we feel provide relevant, balanced reports on topics and sectors useful to organisations focused on the China market.

The latest China business, tech, marketing or social happenings, updated often, some daily so you KNOW what you are reading is real time, cutting edge, trending in China today. [example below]

Aim2D breaking China news link menu
Aim2D breaking China news link menu


2/ To balance that, we “cherry pic” various articles or news pieces and highlight them. Often we include our own take or that of other foreign brands we know and trust. Those, who like us, have served their time, paid their dues in China so can speak from experience and knowledge.

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If you are looking for something more intimate, personalised have specific questions and time is a factor, then talk directly with Everlyne – boss to boss. She loves to chat and has many, many years experience behind her. Not that we’re saying she is old of course! If she doesn’t know, she will know someone who does. Relationships. Your best marketing tool in China.

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