China to Relax Restrictions 2022?

China has for a long time now, had its borders pretty tightly closed to overseas visitors as part of its zero or Covid elimination policy. This has obviously caused a great many problems and distress to many different groups. In particular businesses and companies. However, according to The American China Chamber of Commerce China willContinue reading “China to Relax Restrictions 2022?”

China Cosmetics and Beauty News

So far this year we have, from time to time revisited some of the sites we often draw out content from and recommend to you for keeping abreast of what is happening in China business now. They form the backbone of our “Breaking China Marketing News” link. If your focus or interest is the beautyContinue reading “China Cosmetics and Beauty News”

China Re-Commerce

Hello and as always, greetings from Shunyi for Tuesday, 18th May 2021. Tail end of spring here. Partially cloudy sky but lots of blue patches with a temp of 25* at 9-30. Probably top 30 before the day ends. Over the past few articles we’ve introduced you to some of the publications we follow andContinue reading “China Re-Commerce”

Ford in China: a Horse, an Ox or an Ass?

Just in case you missed it, this month, February, heralds the coming of the Chinese or Lunar New Year. Also known as Spring Festival in China and TET in Vietnam. This year, 2021 it falls on February 12th. The lead up, which starts as early as October for some brands, is possibly the busiest andContinue reading “Ford in China: a Horse, an Ox or an Ass?”

China Cosmetics and Beauty News

As we draw to an end of the year, time to just quickly refresh some of the publications we source our articles from. If your focus or interest is the beauty or cosmetic industry in China, or anywhere in Asia for that matter then Cosmetic Design Asia is a website you should keep an eyeContinue reading “China Cosmetics and Beauty News”

Food for Thought in China

It is said, or used to be, that you can’t go wrong in the food business. No matter what, people gotta eat. Well, today in China, that theory is being put to the test. Very strongly tested. Maybe the same in your part of the world? Whilst China’s much hyped 6/18 shopping extravaganza showed theContinue reading “Food for Thought in China”

Dealing positively with your marketing agency

This article was born from frustration, originally published back in 2013.Looking at the rapid increase in tech in China since that time, coupled with the explosion of Apps and the tangle of KOL’s and celebrities it seems it is still relevant today. In fact, it possibly makes a reprint quite timely. However, if I amContinue reading “Dealing positively with your marketing agency”

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