China National Day

Tuesday, September 29 and we are into the final few days, not just of September but the start of the China National day holiday. This is always a huge event, partly for patriotic reasons, but mostly as it -usually- presets the last chunk of decent weather in most of China before the lousy winter setsContinue reading “China National Day”

Uengager is now available in English

If you are a brand or organisation with a presence in China then our SaaS tool is for you. Uengager Paid Traffic Conversion The goal of any website is to convert traffic, from what ever source, to customers.Mathematically, the greater the traffic source, the greater the conversion rate should be. To this end, many organisationsContinue reading “Uengager is now available in English”

China Tests Autonomous Vehicles

China Motoring News South China’s Guangdong Province Thursday started building a testing centre for both conventional vehicles and those featuring new energy, intelligent network and driverless technologies. With an investment of 2.15 billion yuan (around 307 million U.S. dollars), the 573-hectare facility in the city of Shaoguan aspires to become a world-class vehicle testing centreContinue reading “China Tests Autonomous Vehicles”

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