China Motoring

As we race towards the end of the year, we thought it appropriate, or corny if you wish, to conclude our penultimate post for 2021 with a quick round up of China motoring news for this month. Let’s start out with a couple of EV brands, one famous and one not so, who have eitherContinue reading “China Motoring”

Foreign EV in China

Hello, and greetings, again, from Shunyi for September, Tuesday 14th to be precise. Last Thursday, September 9th, we published a short article titled EV in China in which we commented that it seems non Chinese brands of NEV / EV were arriving late for the party. In particular, the Detroit makers. Today, we will expandContinue reading “Foreign EV in China”

China EV News

We begin this short wrap with Tesla who chose end of July to drop the price of their almost 251,000 RMB Model 3 EV vy 15,000 yuan. According to the official company release, the reduction was possible as the realty of production costs was less than theoretical.

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