How Covid and technology drive China tourism change

Greetings again from Shunyi for Tuesday 18th January 2022. Today we have tilted direction a little bit to introduce an article by Zhang Mei, founder of WildChina, travel company and a strong, passionate proponent of sustainable travel. A native of Yunnan province this piece explores the positive changes Mei found on a recent trip back toContinue reading “How Covid and technology drive China tourism change”

2021 China Travel and Tourism

Hello and welcome to Bic Brands for Tuesday, March 23, 2021.We are going to jump around a bit in this episode and cover a couple of things. Both related to Chinese travel. Well, sort of. First up is a quick look at domestic Chinese tourism followed by Qingmin Festival. Or maybe t’other way ’round. OK,Continue reading “2021 China Travel and Tourism”

Latest China Marketing News

This post is a sticky, self help guide to China business news resources available, always on top. Please scroll for latest posts; curated news links and stories relating to China Business, Marketing, Technology and Social Media. Tune into the pulse and heartbeat of China today.If you are looking at marketing support for your fashion orContinue reading “Latest China Marketing News”

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