China Double Eleven

Hello, warm greetings again from Shunyi for October 26th, our penultimate issue for this month. Previously, last Thursday to be exact, we mentioned that China is entering the crazy season – a busy time for marketers and delivery gals and guys alike. Hopefully a boom time for brands and sellers internationally.

China Cosmetics and Beauty News

So far this year we have, from time to time revisited some of the sites we often draw out content from and recommend to you for keeping abreast of what is happening in China business now. They form the backbone of our “Breaking China Marketing News” link. If your focus or interest is the beautyContinue reading “China Cosmetics and Beauty News”

China Cosmetics and Beauty News

As we draw to an end of the year, time to just quickly refresh some of the publications we source our articles from. If your focus or interest is the beauty or cosmetic industry in China, or anywhere in Asia for that matter then Cosmetic Design Asia is a website you should keep an eyeContinue reading “China Cosmetics and Beauty News”

Top cosmetics stories featuring L’Oréal, Azelis and more

Cosmetic Design Asia Presents a round up: 15-May-2020 By Amanda Lim Fashion, luxury, cosmetics. Even if they are not your niche product, or anywhere near , even if you have no interest, if you have a business in China they are a good gauge to where things are heading. So keeping a close eye on fashionContinue reading “Top cosmetics stories featuring L’Oréal, Azelis and more”

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