Mid Month Wrap-August

Hello, I thought today we would take a quick wander around some topics making news in Biz China- not indepth, but a quick round up. That way, if it is not of interest to you, you can move on [we mean that kindly] or use it as a base for a search for more info.Continue reading “Mid Month Wrap-August”

China’s car share firm Didi expands EV into Mexico.

CHINA AUTO AND MOTORING BUSINESS NEWS. [Caixin]China‚Äôs Didi is set to operate a fleet of electric vehicles into operation in Mexico this year.The fleet will run hybrid and electric vehicles from BYD and Renault. For more on this and other China business stores, please follow the link below.https://www.caixinglobal.com/2020-01-30/didi-to-launch-electric-vehicle-fleet-in-mexico-this-year-101509443.html For help, support or marketing advice onContinue reading “China’s car share firm Didi expands EV into Mexico.”

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