On-line V/S China Live Streaming

Hello and welcome back to Aim2D for Tuesday April 5th, 2022 which just happens to be Qing Ming, or Dead Peoples Day a 3 day holiday. So, if you have been wondering why your Chinese side have not been answering the phone…… If you have an interest in death and celebrations, these two links mightContinue reading “On-line V/S China Live Streaming”

China’s ‘Soft’ Brands Go Global

Hello and welcome back to Aim2D for Tuesday March 29th, our last post for the month. Today we wrap up showcasing our favourite resources for useful news and stories relevant to marketing, tech, business or social in China.

The App To Reach Your Perfect China Audience

Hello, in this article we mix tech up a bit with marketing with an article that caught our eye in Jing Daily. Why Jing? Well again, despite its focus on lux and fashion, we refer to it as those two sectors are very often a good guide to where Chinese consumer trends are heading.

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