Yellow Dust.

In the late 1990’s when The Bic was based in Korea, “Yellow Dust” was a regular problem. Especially in the capital Seoul. Named partly as it was a yellow coloured sand, and partly as it blew across from China. The Gobi to be exact. Arriving North China 2000 he struck the same thing. However,thanks toContinue reading “Yellow Dust.”

Nod to Online Delivery Workers~.

Hello for Friday April 15th. Last week, courtesy of Sixth Tone, we posted a link to a short video relating to the lockdown of Shanghai that proved popular. Today, let’s try the same magic with another short movie looking at Shanghai’s online food delivery workers. We’ve also included links to more detailed background.

Shanghai: Ghost City~.

You will remember last Tuesday, April 5th, we wrote about Qing Ming festival, Dead People’s or Ghost day. Mainstream media has also thoroughly covered the Covid situation in Shanghai and its lockdown. For those of you who remember Shanghai, a bustling, busy city teeming with life this video, courtesy of Sixth Tone shows it now,Continue reading “Shanghai: Ghost City~.”

Any Time is Tea Time~.

Ahh tea, the cup that cheers. And you can also brighten your mood by reading the tea leaves afterwards! Whether your taste runs to the robust blacks, such as English Breakfast, Earl Grey, perhaps a less robust Oolong (also called Tieguanyin or Formosa Tea ) a softer green or delicate white or Pu er orContinue reading “Any Time is Tea Time~.”

Age is a State of Mind~.

Greetings again from Shunyi for Friday 25th February . It is a funny thing how the media and our society, whether European or Asian has this fascination with age. In particular news where, “elderly man or woman” is often reported. It seems that once you pass 60, somehow life ceases to exist for you. EspeciallyContinue reading “Age is a State of Mind~.”

Covid in China in Pictures.

Greetings again from Shunyi for Thursday 13th January – almost half way through the first month of 2022. Continuing our Thursday theme of image galleries we look, today, at Covid in China in Pictures. A familiar situation for many reading this, and we admit, not much to do with China business. But sometimes it isContinue reading “Covid in China in Pictures.”

Happy Birthday to us!

Yes, today is our birthday – 18 years old. Saturday, 29th October 2003 we officially launched WordPerfect Marketing Studio, a legally licensed and registered China business. Later to be the grandmother of Aim2d. Coincidentally – not – it was also Everlyne’s Birthday. Today is a double celebration Those were tough years. No digital back then.Continue reading “Happy Birthday to us!”

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