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Hi Friend,
It’s been an incredibly long journey but finally, we are Re-Open ! 

Sabai Studio opened for business on 11th July 
It’s all fresh, clean and sparkly, and very excited to greet you. We have been working on protocols to ensure an even higher standard of cleanliness as well as re-working some of our interactions to ensure we remain safe, compliant and OPEN so we can continue to be part of your wellness journey for many moons to come.

While our desire to see and take care of you hasn’t changed, some of the ways we do things at the Studio have to ensure comfort and safety for all. 
We are following guidelines from the CDC, OSHA, along with the Minnesota specific guidelines for safely opening Personal Care Services.

Change can be hard or scary and we seem to be living in hard and scary times. So, to take away some of the mystery and (hopefully) alleviate some of your stress or uncertainty, here is an outline of how things will go the next time you come to see us.

Before Your Reservation
You will receive your usual confirmation call from us 24 hours prior to your reservation. We’ll ask you if you’re experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms or if you have had a known exposure to someone with Covid-19 and have not yet tested negative. 
If your answer is yes, we’ll reschedule your reservation, without any fee.

Upon Arrival
To reduce the flow of clients in the Studio, we request that you wait in your car or downstairs until your therapist calls you. This also ensures that we have completed all the sanitation necessary between you and the previous client and keeps everyone safe and happy.

Your therapist will meet you at the top of the stairs, OUTSIDE the Studio door and take your temperature with a non-touch thermometer. They will also ask you a few questions as to your health that day to verify you are not exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19. Anyone with symptoms will need to reschedule their reservation and will not be admitted inside.

I know that sounds rough. And I know it will be disappointing and frustrating if it happens to you. Please remember, this isn’t “happening to you”, rather it is a measure put in place for us to protect our entire community which is our responsibility. Our greatest wish is to see you and everyone we know remain healthy and safe.

Once inside, your therapist will lead you to the restroom where you will wash your hands, before guiding you to your treatment room. Hand sanitiser will also be freely available throughout the Studio in various spots.

After Your Session
I’m a little sad to say, we won’t be meeting with you in the Relaxation Lounge after your session. I remind us both, it is just for now…
Your therapist will meet you at the front desk for payment, re-booking and a big air-hug toodle-oo, errr, that British for see ya later. Supposedly from a French expression: “Until another hour” but I dunno. I think the Brits just like funny language! Helps with stress I guess?

Any way, that’s it! Well, mostly.  I will be adding details as to sanitising and other details to the website in the coming days for those who’d like to know all the nitty gritty bits.
We will be running with both reduced staff and hours through the Summer.  Because of this reduced availability, we will be giving priority to our existing and regular clients and welcoming new clients as time and scheduling allows.

Our new staff schedules will be active after the 11th of July for you to make your reservations online. Please note, we are still not in the Studio to take telephone reservations.

I urge you to book your regular weekly, bi-monthly or monthly reservations through October to ensure your spot with your favourite practitioner.

Much love,
SBT xx
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