315 Consumer China TV Show

We are going to take a punt here and suggest that most of you understand what we mean by “Consumer Association.” Very likely there is one in your country. Not to be confused with the Consumer Brands Association. But just in case here is a definition from the Cambridge Dictionary:

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Beware of Yellow Peril

We interrupt our normal programming to bring you this news flash!
Well, maybe not exactly a news flash and it does wander quite some way from what we would call “usual” items. But we can – just – squeeze it into a business theme as it does give you insight, not just into the fickleness of China’s weather, rather like any where else really, but also the character of the people.

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Genuine respect or cynical strategy?

Chinese food
Chinese food https://unsplash.com/@ruthyyang

We have, on past occasions, referenced the pitfalls and dangers of trying to leverage another’s culture for marketing and financial gain. Even if, in the very rare instances the motive is pure and not driven by marketing or economic reasons, it is, in our view not something to be taken lightly.

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Chinese ex wife awarded salary

Greetings as we roll into week 2 of March. Today we will continue the trend we began last month by deviating slightly from what we usually publish. However, as in last month, it does have deeper significance and possible ramifications for foreign businesses in China.

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Understand your China playing field

Hello, last Friday, March 5th, we brought you an intro to China’s 2 Sessions annual policy meetings: China Government and your business. in it we mentioned that Caixin Global would be bringing updates, commentary and analysis over the coming week. Today, we include excerpt from a couple of small sections.

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China Gvt and your Business

Today, Thursday, 4th March 202, the Chinese Government begins what is colloquially known as Two Sessions 2021 meetings. It happens around this time every year when CCP members and officials from every China province gather in Beijing, evaluate the past year and thrash out plans and policies etc for the coming year.

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China’s Top EV: 2021

With our focus on EV in China in a year that is only a few weeks old you could be forgiven for thinking Aim2D has developed into a China Auto mobile website. From our article early January looking at the fight between Tesla, Xpeng and Neo for the top EV crown in China, to Ford China’s less than brilliant miss step in its Chinese new year promotion of its EV Mustang culminating with news that WeRide was moving to self driving mini busses, it has indeed been busy.

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February 2020 in China

Start of March, and the “working” New Year of the OX is probably now almost back to normal. Most people who went away for their Spring Festival came back around a week ago after the statuary 7 days. Many others tacked an extra few days onto the event.

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China Does Van Gogh Proud

Hello, we don’t have a category for “art or creativity” [maybe we should?] so we will list this under technology. The event is a little old now, back in 2020, but was only recently confirmed and released as an article by the Guinness Book of Records last week – Feb 11th 2021.

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China Launches pollution assault with Bioplastics

Hello, welcome back after the Chinese Spring Festival or Asian New Year holiday.
Today looking at something a little different, a focus more on China technology and the environment than directly marketing or business in China. However, we could squeeze that in by saying it is fair, advanced warning to foreign businesses who may be considering setting up shop in China in the not too distant future.

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Music with your on line shopping?

You may be used to either watching short videos, such as TicToc OR shopping via Amazon. A nice clear, clean line of demarcation. But perhaps that is about to change. The possibility is that soon, you will be able to watch your favourite TicTok, shop on line, send the link to a friend and also earn commission when she buys the same thing. In the near future?

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WeRide to move to paying autonomous mini bus service 2021.

Hello, greetings, just in case you are wondering who WeRide is, maybe a short introduction, explanation is needed. Lets start out by saying no, they are not related to Tencent’s WeChat. In fact, strangely, and usually in China’s fast moving tech world and autonomous vehicles, it seems not even backed or supported by Tencent.

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Ford in China: a Horse, an Ox or an Ass?

Just in case you missed it, this month, February, heralds the coming of the Chinese or Lunar New Year. Also known as Spring Festival in China and TET in Vietnam. This year, 2021 it falls on February 12th. The lead up, which starts as early as October for some brands, is possibly the busiest and most important time of the year as they prepare and finalise the coming year’s marketing plans.

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2020 Top Downloded Apps

The start of 2021 has not been terribly encouraging. In fact, in some ways is mirroring its predecessor. Both years began tragically with aircraft crashes and loss of life followed by a surge in virus cases in China and massive increases globally.

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Xpeng, Nio, Tesla

Latest China EV Motoring News

If you are not familiar with the first 2 names, don’t worry, you may soon be. They are aiming to be China’s leading domestic EV brands, along with Tesla. Whilst still long way from toppling Tesla as leader, both Xpeng and Nio recorded increased sales figures for December 2020. What is more interesting though, to us at least, is Tesla responded by cutting its retail price. Again.
It’s against this backdrop that our story today unfolds .

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Rape and Sexism is never funny

This is a short story because, basically, words fail us.
It revolves around a Weibo post from a Chinese company called Pure Cotton where a masked man is seen staking a woman at night.
At some point she uses a Pure Cotton wet wipe to remove her make up revealing her male gender.
The company claimed it was “humour.”
In the space of a few hours, several million Chinese disagreed.

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Never Miss Latest China Biz News

If you are familiar with Aim2D you will know that our prime purpose is to bring you the latest cutting edge business, marketing, tech and social media news in China. China is a big country, and a lot can happen in a day, especially over different industries and segments.

This page is updated weekly, so the chances of you missing something are extremely good. Which is why we suggest, if you really want to know what is happening in China, tech wise or anything else related to business in China today, right now, please check out Breaking China Marketing News. That way you will always have your finger on the pulse of business in China.

Then either bookmark this page, or, better still, sign in to our feed to get our analysis and take on China’s top stories for the week. Then you won’t miss anything. The best of both worlds. And don’t forget, if you have a question re your brand or organisation in China, we’d love to hear from you.

Drop a line to resident Chinese China business pro Everlyne.

China Europe Business News

If we are being honest, our first topic might not actually fit the definition of “news” as it is a few days old at time of publishing. Who knows how old when you read it. We are talking about the Chinese and European Union bilateral investment agreement that will expand European companies access to China’s economy.

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China Lux and Fashion News

Hello, Happy New Year – 2021!

Beijing is having one of its coldest, meanest winters for a while. In fact, China is unusually chilly, a nation wide orange alert warning was issued last week. Not often we get that. Hope it is not so extreme where you are.
As you may have guessed from our past post; “Join the Bico Biz Bloc” we’re very positive about business in 2021. In particular business between China and the EU, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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Join Bic Brands

In case you missed it and are wondering who Bic Brands is, we are the company which supports the Aim2D, Bicyu and Uengager brands. Aim2D is, as you know, a media site bringing you the latest, real time news and updates about Business, Marketing, Tech and Social Media in China. Aim2D provides a convenient, one location portal for overseas companies thinking of and researching a China market entry or those already with a presence here.

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