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woman leaving on holiday

May weather in Beijing

It seems to be a well known joke that the weather plays a large part in British communication. Actually though even if they don’t make it their talking point centre piece, the weather does actually play a huge part in everyone’s…

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Dating Chinese

Just to recap, we are the media arm of our marketing company, founded way, way back in 2003. Apart from not so subtly waving our flag, we have 2 major purposes: 1/ To counter the rather creative anti China articles produced…

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china tourists-Oct-2020

2023 China May Day Holiday

As we mentioned in last Tuesdays post, from Saturday April 28th to last Wednesday May 3rd was China’s first May or Labour Day holiday since Covid restrictions in 2020. Like most of China’s economy, the travel industry and those associated with…

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2 Chinese female shoppers wearing masks:source:

Challenging China Stereotypes

Yesterday was May first, middle of China’s first 5 day May or Labour Day holiday in China since 2019. Early figures seem to indicate it may also be the busiest (and most lucrative for the travel / tourism industry) since 2018.…

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