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Engage your Chinese Consumers Better

Engage Chinese Consumers -Better!


Multi lingual China customer engagement specialist brand, founded by CEO Everlyne Yu.

Talk live / WeChat- +86 186-1176-5649

Uengager professional China marketing studio and Aim2D China Business News are part of The Bicaverse group.


What does Uengager do?

Uengager’s 3 Key Planks

* Baidu Search Optimisation

** China Team Training

*** China Marketing

Many foreign brands seem willing to invest a small fortune in WeChat, KOL’s or Celebrity Marketing in China. And that’s fine. But it shouldn’t be your only arrow.

For the majority of Chinese, both business and consumers, the GOTO search engine is Baidu. Markedly different to Google etal. Even Chinese firms often prefer to seek professional assistance with Baidu SEM.

For longer term, cost effective, productive results and improve interaction and engagement with Chinese consumers it makes sense to optimise your Chinese site for Baidu.

A great Search Experience and on ongoing team training will help win the hearts and minds of your Chinese customers. This should be your basic foundation to build future ongoing China Marketing.

Uengager at a glance

Uengager works along side international businesses to successfully develop their brand and content in China.

We specialise in medical, manufacturing, IT and automotive.

Trusted by multi nationals most recently: VW, Sodexo, Cushman Wakefield, Plusvet, Midea, Zailab, Goldwind, OK Order, Cochlear.

China export container port
China export container port- image: Caixin

About Uengager: User Engagement

black hat seo
Black hat seo is guaranteed failure in China

It’s no coincidence that Uengager has a focus on User Engagement.

For many foreign brands, especially those new to China, the temptation is to fall back on traditional SEO.

However, the real battle is won on User Experience, how well your content interacts with visitors – not search engines.

Wish it were that simple.

Ever since WeChat exploded in China with it’s Mini Sites, APPS have played a greater role in Chinese consumers lives than websites.

For that reason Everlyene is a strong believer in the power and flexibility of SaaS apps in your China marketing strategy.

However for many foreign brands, the range of Chinese apps can be daunting.

Working with Uengager will:

Help your people become more intimate with relative apps.

Smooth and speed up customers journey though your website,

Deliver a superior customer service, building brand loyalty.

China National Pride?

China National Pride – Come on.
It’s too easy to simply dismiss the success of your domestic competitor as “National Pride.” Sorry, that is just an excuse for your failure to engage and relate with your Chinese customer in a meaningful way.

In effect, that says your Chinese customers are fools who will willingly pay top dollar for a shoddy, inferior product, just because it is local. Would you? That’s downright insulting, patronising, arrogant and plain wrong.

Chinese will buy your product – or not – based on how they see you interacting with them, your willingness to listen and provide a solution to THEIR wants and needs.

Join those who DO in China

Bicyu client logo bar
A selection of Bicyu clients since 2003

Uengager synopsis; assist you to optimising your brands websites and team – delivering a better engagement and experience for your Chinese customers


Uengager Philosophy


Although we are a global business, in that we work with companies from around the world, we are, and do not want to be, the world’s company.

We are a small team who enjoy what we do simply because we understand limitations. We do what we are good at in areas we understand. We don’t make empty promises or commit to conditions we can’t fulfil. Our work /life balance and your satisfaction govern us.

We could be considered a BIO company (By Invitation Only) who prefer to work with organisations that we can relate to and have a “good fit.” Much of our business results from WOM.

If by chance we feel that maybe your needs are beyond our expertise, The Bicaverse does have excellent alternative partners in areas such as FMG, F&B, and Luxury to whom we would be happy to refer you.

Talk live / WeChat- +86 186-1176-5649 – Email

Everlyne Yu in brief:

Everlyne Yu CEO Uengager
Everlyne Yu CEO Uengager

A marketing professional of 30+ years, original partner in WPBeijing, a China MarTech firm since 2003.

Began Uengager, as a SaaS MarTech company focused on Customer Engagement, Baidu Optimisation and Team Training in 2017

Recognised and popular key note speaker, lecturer and KOL on China MarTech and SaaS.

Talk live / WeChat- +86 186-1176-5649Email

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