The App To Reach Your Perfect China Audience

Hello, in this article we mix tech up a bit with marketing with an article that caught our eye in Jing Daily. Why Jing? Well again, despite its focus on lux and fashion, we refer to it as those two sectors are very often a good guide to where Chinese consumer trends are heading.

China and the Plant Based Meat Saga

A few weeks back we brought you a short story on China and the Meatless Meat Revolution where we outlined the entry of some of the international big players, such as Impossible Foods along with existing local, Honk Kong based Green Monday’s Omnipork.

China Smart Phone Makers Gear up for 2nd and 3rd Quarter War

After a dismal first 6 months driven, dictated and decimated by the Covid virus, Chinese handset makers are gearing up for an increase in fortunes for the second two quarters of 2020. Some are betting big on exports to India and Africa, whilst others are throwing everything at 5G.

Uengager is now available in English

If you are a brand or organisation with a presence in China then our SaaS tool is for you. Uengager Paid Traffic Conversion The goal of any website is to convert traffic, from what ever source, to customers.Mathematically, the greater the traffic source, the greater the conversion rate should be. To this end, many organisationsContinue reading “Uengager is now available in English”

MarTech meets Art

Taking a few steps away from tech today into the world of art.Well, even technology needs some soul~ Question: What do you do with old subway carriages?Yes, and you could also turn them into an art installation. So, a Shanghai department store has done just that – an “immersive art space” inspired by the paintingsContinue reading “MarTech meets Art”

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