MCN’s in China

Hello, and once again, greetings from Shunyi, today is Tuesday May 10th. Being Tuesday means too, that it is time for us to look at a little more depth in either a trending or interesting aspect of “marketing to Chinese in China.” This week we take closer, slightly cynical look at MCN’s In China.

Celeb Marketing in China

Hello, and welcome back for Tuesday April 19th, for many of you perhaps Easter Monday a public holiday. We hope you enjoy your day of rest~ Business news in China at least, has been scant these past few weeks, overshadowed by the Ukraine war and of course, Covid in Shanghai. Both have created a sharpContinue reading “Celeb Marketing in China”

In Bed with Chinese

Tuesday April 12th and we are opening with what we guess is called “click bait.” But before we get you all hot and bothered, a word of caution: today’s article might not be what you imagine. Or expect.

On-line V/S China Live Streaming

Hello and welcome back to Aim2D for Tuesday April 5th, 2022 which just happens to be Qing Ming, or Dead Peoples Day a 3 day holiday. So, if you have been wondering why your Chinese side have not been answering the phone…… If you have an interest in death and celebrations, these two links mightContinue reading “On-line V/S China Live Streaming”

China’s ‘Soft’ Brands Go Global

Hello and welcome back to Aim2D for Tuesday March 29th, our last post for the month. Today we wrap up showcasing our favourite resources for useful news and stories relevant to marketing, tech, business or social in China.

China: November Eleven

Hello, greetings from Shunyi for November eleventh, yes, double eleven and we are moving on. We may, perhaps, later bring you updates but for now, let’s look at other business news headlines making news in China courtesy of Yicai Global.

Alibaba Double Eleven Hype

Hello, greetings from a very cool, snowy Shunyi for Tuesday November 9th, just 2 days from the much hyped, dare we say OVER, China 2021 Double Eleven shopping festival. Today we are bringing you an Alibaba video: How Chinese Consumers Shop Online – 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. Or maybe how Big tech would like it.Continue reading “Alibaba Double Eleven Hype”

China – November 2021

Hello, welcome again to Aim2D for Tuesday November 2nd, 2021. Over the past couple of articles we have looked at the upcoming 11/11 or Double Eleven sales whatever in China. Also called Singles day in some foreign media. Today will will look at singles, from another angle. Also, take a quick look at Yum brands.

Happy Birthday to us!

Yes, today is our birthday – 18 years old. Saturday, 29th October 2003 we officially launched WordPerfect Marketing Studio, a legally licensed and registered China business. Later to be the grandmother of Aim2d. Coincidentally – not – it was also Everlyne’s Birthday. Today is a double celebration Those were tough years. No digital back then.Continue reading “Happy Birthday to us!”

China Double Eleven

Hello, warm greetings again from Shunyi for October 26th, our penultimate issue for this month. Previously, last Thursday to be exact, we mentioned that China is entering the crazy season – a busy time for marketers and delivery gals and guys alike. Hopefully a boom time for brands and sellers internationally.

Rise and fall of foreign auto’s in China

Hello, greetings from Shunyi for Thursday 21st September. Last week we looked at European Auto Brand History in China which focused briefly on the rise of the motor car in China and the foreign brands driving it. This article looks at where things may be now in this bloody, vicious battleground and bitterly competitive market.

Foreign EV in China

Hello, and greetings, again, from Shunyi for September, Tuesday 14th to be precise. Last Thursday, September 9th, we published a short article titled EV in China in which we commented that it seems non Chinese brands of NEV / EV were arriving late for the party. In particular, the Detroit makers. Today, we will expandContinue reading “Foreign EV in China”

EV in China

A shorter article today, for Thursday September 9th, as there is so much other news to compete with. As our title suggests we will quickly look at EV in China from 2 angles. Firstly a quick look at the growth of EV sales in China, then we tke a look at another possible clone orContinue reading “EV in China”

#32 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi again for Friday 13, unlucky for some but lucky for Xiaomi it seems. We also feature TikTok news, China Valentines, Huawei, and of course, our elephants.

#31 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi again for Friday 6th, the first week of August. A more meaty selection of topics this week, in fact spoilt for choice. So we begin with an ultra fast glace at China’s economic recovery over provinces, a mention of Huawei and a new but down graded P40, can China’s beverage makers tackleContinue reading “#31 week that was – China Biz News”

#30 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi again where we are supposed to be looking at tech, marketing, business and social media in China making “News.” However, July is turning out to be our bete noir as, once again, this weeks top news focuses on finance, economics and generally themes outside our scope. So we look briefly at aContinue reading “#30 week that was – China Biz News”

#29 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi again where we look at tech, marketing, business and social media in China making “News.” In fact, it has been a week of slim pickings, most China business news is centred around China’s carbon trading, economics and finance, all outside our scope. Other than Xiaomi, more fake meat news, and Maglev trains,Continue reading “#29 week that was – China Biz News”

#28 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi again where July is turning out to be a humid month. In this weeks issue we look at food, in particular a Japanese comeback, DIDI hits some unsealed roads, TESLA, China’s carbon trading scheme.

Chengdu: A Sweet China Business Choice?

If the view of most non Chinese is taken into account, there are probably only a handful of cities in China – with Wuhan suddenly leaping to the foremost of everyone’s mind thanks the the US media, fake news and the conspiracy theorists. In so far as good places in China for business, the listContinue reading “Chengdu: A Sweet China Business Choice?”

#27 week that was – China Biz News

Hello from Shunyi for what is shaping up to be a tech centred news week. We start off with a slightly more indepth look into DIDI than is usual, pay a visit to Microsoft, check out China’s newest aspiration to be chip self sufficient, China EV battery makers gain ground in EU ending up atContinue reading “#27 week that was – China Biz News”

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