Chinese Economy set to grow 7.9%

In an interesting article dated the end of July, The World Bank released its forecast for the China economy. Apparently it has revised down its estimate of 5.9% growth which it predicted at the start of Covid, around end of December 2019. We think most analysts had already agreed that was never going to happen.Continue reading “Chinese Economy set to grow 7.9%”

Where e’re goeth Lux in China…

Back in Jan this year as nations contemplated and debated lock down, “experts” raised concerns regarding the potential damage to the economy. Especially retail speeding. This rhetoric seemed to be couched in the form of an Einstein discovery.

China returns 3.2% H1 GDP growth

In what is likely to be viewed with a substantial dose of skepticism and salt, Thursday 16th July China announced a 3.2 growth in GDP for the second quarter of 2020. This was probably round .3 to .5% higher than even the most optimistic punters were expecting. The few people we spoke to expressed surprise.

China Top Ten Supermarket Brands

Top 10 China supermarkets based on sales for 2019 Obviously it varies hugely from product sector to product sector and whether you are a B2B or B2C business but one of the more popular ways of entry into China is via Supermarkets. To that end we are often asked which is the biggest, the best,Continue reading “China Top Ten Supermarket Brands”

Europe China Slowly Build Trade and Exports Post Covid 19

Looking at history, culture and business, Europe and China have, over the centuries shared a lot in common. Despite some setbacks along the way, the two regions have cooperated on many fronts, from the early Marco Polo voyages to today’s tech and businesses exchanges.

China’s 6/18 Shopping Gala- quick analysis

WPBeijing was a marketing studio founded by Peter Bic and Everlyne Yu in Beijing, October 2003. In 2017 it became known as Bicyu NZ Co Ltd. Aim2D is an umbrella media arm of Bicyu. This article is part of a Weekend Series where we dare to share some of our experiences and insights. So, makeContinue reading “China’s 6/18 Shopping Gala- quick analysis”

Mercedes-Benz returns to double-digit growth in China

Originally published by China Daily BERLIN – Mercedes-Benz sold more than 70,000 passenger cars in May and achieved a double-digit growth in China, German carmaker Daimler announced on Tuesday. “The retail sales in our biggest market China provide us with optimism,” said Britta Seeger, member of the board of

The Beauty of China’s Smaller Cities for Foreign Brands Starting out in China.

There has been a lot written and said over the years, by many respectable publications regarding the advantages for foreign brands of considering smaller or “lower tier” cities as their entry location. The term lower or 2nd, 3rd, 4th level etc is unfortunate as this oft conjures up a negative, stereotypical image turning potential businessesContinue reading “The Beauty of China’s Smaller Cities for Foreign Brands Starting out in China.”

Volkswagen strengthens its Commitment to New Energy Vehicles in China

Earlier this year China announced it was relaxing rules around foreign Joint Ventures [JV] in China. Previously, foreign firms had been restricted to a 50/ 50 share. Among the first of the foreign firms to take advantage of this were the German automotive maker giants BMW and VW . Earlier BMW had moved to takeContinue reading “Volkswagen strengthens its Commitment to New Energy Vehicles in China”

Alibaba Attempts to Replicate Taobao Model Overseas

If yu live or have spend ore than a few weeks in China, chances are that Taobao is not unknown to you. In fact, even if you have never been here, you are probably familiar with the name If not fear not, as Alibaba is, as our title explains, looking at launching an “out ofContinue reading “Alibaba Attempts to Replicate Taobao Model Overseas”

Beijing Cools Welcome to Visitors

Covid 19 takes some of the warmth from Beijing’s welcome. Summer maybe coming to Beijing but the usual warm welcome for business visitors is little chilly.To counter a growing threat of Covid infections from overseas business visitrs Beijing will require business visitors staying at local hotels to take nucleic acid tests to ensure they don’tContinue reading “Beijing Cools Welcome to Visitors”

Top cosmetics stories featuring L’Oréal, Azelis and more

Cosmetic Design Asia Presents a round up: 15-May-2020 By Amanda Lim Fashion, luxury, cosmetics. Even if they are not your niche product, or anywhere near , even if you have no interest, if you have a business in China they are a good gauge to where things are heading. So keeping a close eye on fashionContinue reading “Top cosmetics stories featuring L’Oréal, Azelis and more”

China Coffee Wars Perking?

Just when it seems the latte was lack lustre in China with Luckin’s demise, a new chapter in the battle for coffee in China is brewing.

Ok, enough of the cliches and puns, the story follows.Yum China partners with Lavazza to launch the Lavazza coffee shop concept in China.

Rise and Fall of China Retail Sales, 2019 to 2020

China’s retail sales grew by 8% in 2019; online up 16.5% March 4, 2020 By CIW Team In 2019, the total retail sales of consumer goods in China reached 41,164.9 billion yuan (US$6,010 bn), up by 8.0% year-on-year (nominal growth rate). The real growth rate was 6.0%. Of the total, the retail sales of consumer goods excludingContinue reading “Rise and Fall of China Retail Sales, 2019 to 2020”

China’s car share firm Didi expands EV into Mexico.

CHINA AUTO AND MOTORING BUSINESS NEWS. [Caixin]China’s Didi is set to operate a fleet of electric vehicles into operation in Mexico this year.The fleet will run hybrid and electric vehicles from BYD and Renault. For more on this and other China business stores, please follow the link below. For help, support or marketing advice onContinue reading “China’s car share firm Didi expands EV into Mexico.”

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