Rise and Fall of China Retail Sales, 2019 to 2020

China’s retail sales grew by 8% in 2019; online up 16.5% March 4, 2020 By CIW Team In 2019, the total retail sales of consumer goods in China reached 41,164.9 billion yuan (US$6,010 bn), up by 8.0% year-on-year (nominal growth rate). The real growth rate was 6.0%. Of the total, the retail sales of consumer goods excludingContinue reading “Rise and Fall of China Retail Sales, 2019 to 2020”

MarTech meets Art

Taking a few steps away from tech today into the world of art.Well, even technology needs some soul~ Question: What do you do with old subway carriages?Yes, and you could also turn them into an art installation. So, a Shanghai department store has done just that – an “immersive art space” inspired by the paintingsContinue reading “MarTech meets Art”

China’s car share firm Didi expands EV into Mexico.

CHINA AUTO AND MOTORING BUSINESS NEWS. [Caixin]China’s Didi is set to operate a fleet of electric vehicles into operation in Mexico this year.The fleet will run hybrid and electric vehicles from BYD and Renault. For more on this and other China business stores, please follow the link below.https://www.caixinglobal.com/2020-01-30/didi-to-launch-electric-vehicle-fleet-in-mexico-this-year-101509443.html For help, support or marketing advice onContinue reading “China’s car share firm Didi expands EV into Mexico.”

China Trade Wars

18 months back, the US initiated a trade war against China, mistakenly thinking victory would be swift and sure.But just as in Iraq, Afghanistan and others, this was proven to be untrue. On balance, it seems this has hurt the US more than China.Meanwhile, trade and business discussions between China and the EU resulted inContinue reading “China Trade Wars”

China Tests Autonomous Vehicles

China Motoring News South China’s Guangdong Province Thursday started building a testing centre for both conventional vehicles and those featuring new energy, intelligent network and driverless technologies. With an investment of 2.15 billion yuan (around 307 million U.S. dollars), the 573-hectare facility in the city of Shaoguan aspires to become a world-class vehicle testing centreContinue reading “China Tests Autonomous Vehicles”

Chinese Court finds in favour of Cadbury UK Ltd in IP case

Sweet Taste of Success A Chinese confectionery-maker has been ordered to hand over 2.43 million yuan ($347,196) in compensation to Cadbury UK Ltd. after a Beijing court found it had infringed on a trademark held by the 195-year-old chocolate brand. Yikoulian (Xiamen) Food Co. Ltd. registered the trademark ‘怡口莲’ in 2012, using it on aContinue reading “Chinese Court finds in favour of Cadbury UK Ltd in IP case”

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