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Aim2D is a real time China business, Marketing, Tech and Social Media News and Story Portal helping deliver a lot of power back to businesses and individuals in their China decision-making.

Mainstream media is biased towards salacious, sensational stories from China. Big players have access to Government support, information and data. This information imbalance disadvantages small players who may lack such access and aren’t making the right decisions.

As a serious business you need more- more factual, up to date news and trends. Aim2D provides access to latest China business news, helps you make the right business decisions.

From WPBeijing- 2003- to Bicyu

Originally founded post SARS, in Beijing, 29th Oct 2003 by Everlyne Yu and Peter Bicknell as WordPerfect Marketing Studio.

This cheeky little foreign upstart aimed to capitalise on the “English Language Fever” running rampant in China following her successful bid for the 2008 Olympic Games.

We offered “English Polishing” and western marketing tips to Chinese brands with an eye to the gazillions of mega rich games visitors.

Building on this we became WPBeijing, expanding our services to general marketing for both local and International brands.

Today, still operated by the original partners, we are known as Bicyu NZ Co Ltd, a China MarTech company and umbrella for the Aim2D and Uengager brands.

By sharing our rich history, experience and knowledge Bicyu offers bespoke China marketing services support, workshops and training.

Introducing Bicyu NZ Co Ltd

Everlyne Yu CEO Uengager
Everlyne Yu CEO Uengager

If you are reading this, chances are you have or are considering a business in China. Maybe you’re looking for support in growing your business; need help with WeChat OA or China social media generally or relevant, current China business news.

China business or marketing plan research, China competitor analysis, China localisation support, Chinese language assistance, Baidu Search website Optimisation.

Perhaps you are looking at training or running small workshops for your China based marketing team, English language coaching or on site Angel mentoring?

Since 2003 Bicyu has been doing just that- for businesses just like yours.

selection of Bicyu clients
Selection of Bicyu Clients


China Media Support for International Brands

The Bic- C-founder of Bicyu / Aim2D
The Bic- C-founder of Bicyu / Aim2D

Frustrated with mainstream media’s focus on the salacious and sensational aspects of China and the difficulty foreign brands-especially newcomers- faced in finding relevant, current China biz news, Peter formed Aim2D Media in 2018.

Aim2D is Bicyu’s “Inforcational” sister. As well as curating a collection of links to real time China biz, marketing and tech trends and articles it works with Everlyne to provide training, mentoring and support for both Chinese and foreign brands in China.

Launching a business in a foreign country is always a challenge. Language and cultural differences are enough of a head ache.

In China however businesses face an an extra hurdle in sourcing accurate, current information. Traditionally knowledge equates to power so even Gvt officials were scant with support.

Woman wearing fake news paper dress
Woman wearing fake news paper dress

Ok, FAKE NEWS is now a joke buzzword, but mainsreweam media does tend to be skewed to click bait headlines and “stories” driven from Social Media.

It is difficult to find publications with an objective viewpoint leaving brands largely in the dark. Solid info is available, problem seems very few foreign firms knew how or where to access it. For smaller brands trying to get a handle on the China market it is frustrating.

To solve that problem, Aim2D takes a 2 pronged approach. We curate a selection of links to 8 or 10 sites we feel provide relevant, balanced reports on topics and sectors useful to organisations focused on the China market.

The latest China business, tech, marketing or social happenings, updated often, some daily so you KNOW what you are reading is real time, cutting edge, trending in China today. [example below]

To balance that, we “cherry pic” various articles or news pieces and highlight them. Often we include our own take or that of other foreign brands we know and trust. Those, who like us, have served their time, paid their dues in China so can speak from experience and knowledge.


China Martech

As the name tends to suggest, Uengager is about Chinese customer engagement.
The homepage of Everlyne Yu focusing on optimisation, training and support.
Everlyne is also a popular and recognised speaker on SaaS in China.
You can read a little more about Ms Yu or contact her below.

Hello, I’m Everlyne Yu, founder and CEO of Uengager and WPBeijing Marketing Studio 2003.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the China market and have been privileged to work with many international clients, such as VW and their release of their Bora and the extremely successful CC as well as a long term, ongoing relationship with Sodexo.

Selected Clients

I am happy to chat and discuss any questions, no matter how small or trivial you may think. Probably someone has already asked the same question- many times!

In China Marketing- there is no such thing as a silly question.

To see how your brand can flourish in China, please talk to Everlyne now, or understand more about me.

Ev Yu
Everlyne Yu CEO Uengager

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