About BicBBG


Hi there; we’re BicBBG

Actually, we are also Uengager, Bicyu, Sabai, Aim2D and WeChat Operation wrapped up under the Bic BBG duvet.
But we are getting ahead of ourselves.
So let’s begin at the beginning.

Bic BBG’s grandmother was registered as a 2 team China marketing studio back in 2003 by Everlyne Yu and Peter Bicknell.
It was called WPBeijing.
Bic BBG today; a Brit, Sino business.



Uengager is focused on user engagement, and conversion


Uengager was developed and managed by Everlyne Yu and her team of Chinese marketing and tech specialists to optimise your business on line presence, from your team though to your digital properties.

Baidu is the go to on line search tool for Chinese users.
But oh so difficult and confusing to register and optimise. Uengager knows Baidu!

The China marketing landscape is constantly changing, even local Chinese brands have difficulty keeping up.
Uengager: seminars, training and Angel coaching.
We keep your team at the cutting edge.

You can learn more here and here – or scan the WeChat code opposite

WeChat QR Code

WeChat Operation is, perhaps, self explanatory, but if in doubt, please ask.


is our BIO [by invitation only] digital marketing sister.
The usual services you expect from a pro marketing agency in China.
Bic Brands encompasses all our brands.
Nice and legal

Bicyu NZ Co China Martech
Bicyu China Martech


In simple terms, Aim2D is a collection of links to content relating to business, marketing, social media and technology in China.

Content is curated from a variety of sources, international and local media, colleagues, industry partners, our own experience.

Links to news sites are updated by the content provider, often daily so you know you are reading the latest trends and developments in China.

We also invite people whom we know and respect to share. Usually businesses, who, like us who have been here a while and learnt the hard way.
We would love it if you had a story or advice to contribute.

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