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Would a Glove by any other name…..

A rose by any other name

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A glove by another name would keep your hands as warm?
Clearly, back in 1777, that was not what John Dent thought when he began a glove factory in Worcester UK. Today, the name Dents is synonymous with fine gloves and accessories – if you are a man, or woman, about town, gloves by any other name will simply not do.
You can learn more about Dents from their home site, just press anywhere in the image below:

250 years later, more or less, Dents is THE glove worn by the very best dressed men and women around the globe and the mitt of choice by King Charles 3rd. Today Dents is well on its way to capturing a slice of the Chinese glove market.

Our Friday video comes via Alizila and we listen to Dents CEO; Deborah Moore, as she discusses her journey in China and her expectations for the future. Please press in the image to run the video – NOTE: sound is on by default

Dents CEO; Deborah Moore talks about how her brand doubled sales in China and her plans for the future.
Dents CEO; Deborah Moore talks about how her brand doubled sales in China and her plans for the future.

Related UK China Business News

Three-quarters of British companies expressed “cautious yet conditional” optimism about doing business in China following the country’s reopening from Covid in January, the British Chamber of Commerce in China said in a position paper released Tuesday. However, member companies of the chamber said challenges still remain regarding market competition, compliance regulation and lines of communication with the Chinese government, the paper said.
Please read more at Caixin Premium

We would tend to suggest that they should perhaps also express similar suggestion to the British Government.

Talk to Fanfan today about your China Social Media Marketing Plan.

Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse -China social media creative
Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse – lead China social media creative

A GenY or Millennial  generation Ms Wang brings a fresh, modern, personally realistic viewpoint on how to reach this much coveted China consumer group.

Prior to helping start the Bicaverse, Fan studied Fashion Marketing at Manchester university. She has also travelled extensively across Europe.

A strong supporter of Chinese fashion designers Fan has a close network with many like minded China marketing professionals being instrumental in many of our client’s success.

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