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Sex and the single Chinese Girl


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Ok, an unashamed click bait tile, but we do look at it from a more serious perspective and how is can impact foreign business in China.

A series of, at the time, unconnected events lead up to today’s article. Initially a comment from Nick in Moscow that Chinese women were very powerful in business these days. We agreed, citing many friends and that the CEO’s and CMOS of foreign organisations in China that we deal with are mostly women. We also noted a movement among the up and going business women to forsake marriage and children.

A week or so later, March 8th, International women’s day we sent a series of greetings to the many women we know or deal with. Surprisingly one women replied that as she isn’t married she thinks of herself more as a girl and that women’s day is not for her. Were it just her, we would not have thought much more about it. Interestingly though, we also know another, mid 30’s business woman who uses the Chinese word for girl as her “nickname.” We don’t know but maybe that thinking is not so unique?

Then, a couple of days later, last Friday March 10th, an article from our friends at Sixth Tone in our mail box caught our eye.
The online recruitment platform Zhilian Zhaopin ran a survey March 8th to gauge the feelings of Chinese women around marriage, raising children, and their perception of work place equality.
The findings include:

A low interest in marriage or having more than one child; increasing housework and parenting duties; and a desire for more independence through better career opportunities. Nearly a fifth of all respondents said they had no plans to have a child.

Zhilian Zhaopin Survey

The high number planing to have none or only 1 child will be a worry for China’s planners. However, we were struck by the number who believed they were better qualified and outperformed males in the same job. Interestingly, the pay gap between men and women has shrunk by half over the last four years. Of course, if it is to mean anything, that rather depends on what it was 4 years ago.

The above “survey” link leads to the results. It is in Chinese so you will either need some translation soft, or have very good Chinese skills.
The article from Sixth Tone however, is in English.

More Women Want Career Over Marriage, Having Kids: New Survey

If you have or are contemplating a business in China, this article is good background reading. As always, we stress that knowing about your potential customers real time life and grass roots situation is far more important than APP generated generic stats. It’s also a good insight into the mind set and expectations of your future Chinese female workforce.

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Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse -China social media creative
Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse – lead China social media creative


A GenY or Millennial  generation Ms Wang brings a fresh, modern, personally realistic viewpoint on how to reach this much coveted China consumer group.

Prior to helping start the Bicaverse, Fan studied Fashion Marketing at Manchester university. She has also travelled extensively across Europe.

A strong supporter of Chinese fashion designers Fan has a close network with many like minded China marketing professionals being instrumental in many of our client’s success.

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