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A Little Germany in China

A limited-edition Audi R8 V10 on display at the Chengdu 2021 auto show. Photo: VCG

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This Friday we thought we’d take a trip to a lesser known part of China – comparatively speaking. Reminder: links and QR codes we feature are tested safe by us.

For about as long as we’ve been in business here, and that’s close on 20 years now, we have always strongly recommended to our potential clients that they look closely at China’s smaller provinces. They often present greater opportunity and value than the bigger cities, as we have noted below:

So today we will, again, put our money where our mouth is and visit a city that is probably not so well known to you – unless of course, you are German.
Well because we are talking about Tai Cang which, among many other things, is notable for its popularity with many German businesses.

Where is Tai Cang?

In short, Tai Cang 太仓 (tài cāng) lies north east of beautiful Suzhou CityJiangsu Province just a tad north of Shanghai on China’s east coast. Current Population: 719,200 with an area of about 810 square kilometres. It lies adjacent to the Yangtze River and is thus an important city.

Despite officially being in Jiangsu, Taicang is widely considered a satellite city of Shanghai as it is just 35 km from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport and 40 km away from Shanghai CBD. The Shanghai-Suzhou-Nantong Railway connects Taicang to Hongqiao in around 26 minutes.

An intercity subway scheduled for completion in 2025 will link Taicang into the Shanghai City Subway System. This convenience enables foreign firms, predominately German, to locate their H/O in Shanghai and factories in Taicang.
With excellent rail, air and shipping facilities, it is easy to see why Taicang has became a foreign businesses darling.

German Association with Taicang

A place called “home in China to close on 400 German companies, Taicang is one of the most popular regions for German companies in all of China. The strength of German businesses in Taicang has lead to China’s first “Sino-German demonstration zone for SME cooperation“.

To ensure a win win outcome, Taicang has a “dual language” education system which provides German firms a skilled, multi lingual (German and Chinese) work force. For a relatively small city, Taicang boasts 2 universities helping it to focus on highly skilled graduates that align with the specialisation of most German firms in the region: equipment machinery, auto parts and new material manufacturing.

What to see and do in Taicang

Of course you don’t have to have a business or be German to visit Taicang, the region is also well respected for its stunning natural scenic beauty. You’re only a short drive away from China’s Water Towns, also known as The Venice of the East. Our local contact tells us that other than winter – December though to March – any time is a good time to visit. Do be aware thought, that like many parts of China, esp in the south, summer is the monsoon season. Meaning it rains.
A lot. Wet and hot.

Dancing in teeming hot rain and steaming streets may look romantic in the movies, a novelty – that quickly wears off.
No worries, a good opportunity to duck into the many local eateries. Unlike the oily, salty style of north China and Shandong or the blow your head of spice of Sichuan, Taicang boasts a mild, slightly sweeter cuisine. Similar to Shanghai maybe, just not as bland. So don’t be afraid to be adventurous. And if you are lucky, you might find a few German beer gardens~ (you will.)

Enjoy these links in security and learn more: :
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German companies finding warm welcome in Chinese city of Taicang

2 responses to “A Little Germany in China”

  1. Great! Very interesting. Taicang – “Germany-town”?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Nikolay, nice to see you back again. Yep, many people are more than a little surprised when they realise the depth of German involvement there. It even surprised us when we did our research.
    Hope you enjoyed the post. feel free to share it – anywhere!


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