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Fashion V/s the Environment

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Hello again from Aim2D real time, 24/7 #ChinaBusinessMarketing, Tech and Social Media News Portal of Bic Brands based in sunny Shunyi. Tuesdays we look at business, marketing, tech or social news in and around China. Friday is image gallery where we examine a place, topic or subject giving you greater insight, background to life in China, and of course, your Chinese consumer.

Today we are looking at a round up of Tech news in China, with a focus on the Fashion Industry.

Aim2D does not, typically, look at fashion perse, we tend to categorise it under luxury which we do talk about from time to time, because:

No matter what your industry, if you are marketing to Chinese consumers, the world of luxury is well worth keeping an eye on as very often it is a bellwether for consumer trends in China generally.

The Bic: Aim2D

The Fashion industry seems to have an extreme black and white relationship with media. On one hand, it is the darling when spending mega dollars on advertising and fashion shows. Conversely when news of worker exploitation, factory fires or environmental damage breaks it is the devil incarnate. Well as much as an industry can be.

To a certain extent perhaps, the fashion business tends to bring this on itself because, after each disaster there is much soul searching, hand wringing and heart felt promises to improve. Yet, we never really seem to see this in any tangible form. Or maybe mass media ignores it as it isn’t salacious, sensational eyeball catching stuff?

So we were intrigued when one of our partners ran a story focused on an interview with Lanvin Chairman and CEO, Joann Cheng. Among her comments was:

One cotton shirt usually requires 700 gallons of water to be produced, an amount sufficient for one person to drink for 3.5 years,

Lanvin Chairman and CEO, Joann Cheng

She and representatives from Lanvin Group, Fashion for Good, and Feiliu Tec went on to discuss improvements for sustainability in the industry and the efforts needed – from supply chains to sale channels – and the importance of new business models to help the transition.

This link features some of the highlights of that discussion.

How can technology help the fashion industry move towards sustainability?

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Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse -China social media creative
Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse – lead China social media creative


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Prior to helping start the Bicaverse, Fan studied Fashion Marketing at Manchester university. She has also travelled extensively across Europe.

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