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China Smart Rail Tram

China autonomous mini bus

Hello again from Aim2D real time, 24/7 #ChinaBusinessMarketing, Tech and Social Media News Portal of Bic Brands based in sunny Shunyi. Tuesdays we look at business, marketing, tech or social news in and around China. Friday is image gallery where we examine a place, topic or subject giving you greater insight, background to life in China, and of course, your Chinese consumer.

Today Friday image gallery looks at the development of China’s new, Smart Rail Trams. And a short English lesson~

Ever wondered what a Smart Rail Tram was?
Us too.
Seems though the accent isn’t so much on trams but rails.
So it is a Smart Rail – tram. Rails being smart.
Actually, just as a non related aside SMART is a good example of  etymology; how the meaning of words change over time.

Decades back Smart was used as a positive adjective to describe people who were clever or well dressed. The latter generally reserved for males, although not restricted to.
Later it took a more negative or derogatory meaning to describe people who were cheeky, rude, impudent, impolite.

Today of course, SMART is used to describe objects, or appliances that can, to a small degree, think for themselves or remember post actions. The early beginnings of AI if you like. A SMART light bulb can turn on or off at a voice command or even dim or change colour. But here’s the catch, sort of:

A smart object isn’t really smart as we defined it in either of the 2 above examples. It’s S.M.A.R.T or SMART meaning:
self monitoringanalysisreporting 

OK, now let’s get back on track or rather – rails!
China’s domestically developed smart rail tram boosts safe, intelligent, comfortable, convenient and green transportation development in the country.

China’s first smart rail trams are currently being assembled at the Smart Rail Industrial Park in Sanjiang new district in Yibin, Sichuan province.

Possibly the first in the world, the smart rail tram is a vehicle that looks like a tramcar but doesn’t need steel rails and pantograph ( that ugly miniature electric pylon thing mounted on the tram’s roof connecting it to overhead cables, with occasional cracks and blue flashes)

City planners only need to mark lines on roads in the city and the smart rail tram can run with the help of track – following SMART software technology.

So, we guess if the tram doesn’t run conveniently past your front door, just grab a pot of paint and draw some redirect lines – errr, we mean smart rails~
And yeah, we know our header image is a smart bus, not a tram, but they are related – sort of~

OK, lets roll the pictures, courtesy of China Daily:

China Smart Rail Tram

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