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China – New Normal 2022

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Hello again from Aim2D real time, 24/7 #ChinaBusinessMarketing, Tech and Social Media News Portal of Bic Brands based in sunny Shunyi. Tuesdays we look at business, marketing, tech or social news in and around China. Friday is image gallery where we examine a place, topic or subject giving you greater insight, background to life in China, and of course, your Chinese consumer.

Today we are revisiting an earlier article from 13 May 2021 to reflect the changes in China these days. So let’s go!

As a back drop, lets recall that Aim2D was created to provide better news data and insight into China for international marketers thinking of setting up business here. Consequently, naturally, most of our readership is business orientated. Most, not all.

For example one of our followers is Change Therapy, run by Steve, in Edinburgh, Scotland, a practising Psychotherapist, using his Psychology and Counselling background to promote Wellbeing in the Community. One of his posts inspired this article.

Actually, it was more one of the comments to his post that fired us up. Now, as a psychologist, Steve’s target and style is obviously different to ours. Facebook style – hearts and roses, pithy sayings, kittens, puppies doesn’t fit with us. Nor Steve actually.

We both take a realistic attitude to our work. Not that Aim2D is against animals. Heck like most businesses, we have a feline mascot. But again, she is not the touchy feelly, roll over stroke my tummy kitty. She is the daughter of a wild cat, rescued from the China jungle. She will as soon take your finger off than lick you lovingly. So, we are setting the scene for normality, or normalcy.

Steve recently ran an article, based around a quotation from the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better” and how these words helped his friend stay motivated and continue to practice her paintings. That quotation struck a chord with us, as it is also symbolic, if you will, of doing business in China.

We would probably fall back on the crusty, rather tired metaphor that China is a marathon, not a sprint. If you come here half hearted, expecting China to fall at your feet you will lose your shirt.

If you come force fed with and believing foreign media China misinformation expecting negativity and difficulties you will most surely not be disappointed.

You need to be committed, for the long haul, prepared to fail, get up, listen, learn and do it again. But better.

Now, don’t know about you, but for us, one of the best parts of any article is the comments, or feedback. What others have to say is often as enlightening and educational as what the original author wrote. So, with the afore mentioned piece by Steve in mind, one reader commented;

Thank you for sharing, being on the Autism spectrum means I constantly fail at trying to be normal…


And it made us think. Normal? What is normal and why would anyone want to be normal? Let’s digress a mile or 3 here. Covid, the great pandemic seems also to be the worlds great panacea.

It has been blamed for almost everything that is wrong with our society. Just last week, a stabbing at a local NZ supermarket is blamed on Covid. Well actually a general uptick in racism, violence, sexism etc is blamed on Covid. How’s that again?

Like us, you are probably tired of popups on websites or emails from brands, organisations etc, apologising for their poor service, lack of response etc. It is all because of Covid you see. What a convenience. Most of these issues; from society to brands have been with us for a long, long time.

We just didn’t know how, who or what to blame for them until now. And marketers being what they are are quick to coin, yet another, buzz word or catchphrase: The New Normal. Wow!

Seems we humans are simply unable to look closely at ourselves and face up to what we see in the mirror. When it isn’t exactly what we hoped to see we always need someone or something else to blame.

Businesses today are ready to jump on the blame the virus bandwagon, some countries prefer to shift blame to China. We’re sure you have read the sensational, salacious headlines – makes you wonder why anyone would want to come to this awful, wretched place. But they do. We did. And like many others, we succeeded here.

Talk about papering over the cracks! “
Ok, we have had what seems to be our little rant. Hopefully you can see it as more than that. Let’s cut to the chase. Finally.

If you are thinking of bringing your business model to China, or starting a new one here, forget normal. Forget New Normal. Forget everything you read in the mass media. Forget everything you think you know. Likely as not you know nothing.

The Bic

Come here and challenge yourself – dare to be different, be unique, Be special. Listen, make mistakes, learn and go forward. Stronger. Put aside your old, tired, boring normal thinking and practices. Forget New Normal. That is just an excuse for more of the same old same old rubbish we have been serving and living with for centuries.

Spend some, nay, a lot of time researching about China, not just the big cities, dig into the smaller provinces. Learn a bit more about China’s history ancient and modern.
Why do that?

Simply because that is the real China, the China today, but most important, it is the China your consumer lives in. If you can understand that, then you have a better chance of understanding her, how she fits in, what impacts his decision making. Once you understand your customer, you’re better positioned to satisfy them with your products.

There is also a possibility of an economic advantage being gained from the smaller provinces. Rents and other costs are often less than in Beijing, Shanghai etc. Smaller provinces also have a bigger labour pool and in some cases salary expectation is more realistic. Employees in small cities also tend to be more loyal. So it’s no wonder that many successful foreign firms set up in provinces such as Shandong ( PlusVet for example ) Jiangsu or Sichuan.

PlusVet: A successful European firm based in Shandong, China

China – New Normal 2022?

China is moving away from strict Covid controls. We don’t expect an open season any time soon, but the situation is certainly going to become less complex.
The new, new China normal you ask?

We don’t know about that, we just know if you get off your round end, come here, get to know the country, the people and what really happens here you will be one less statistic in the “foreign brands failed in China” figures.
Or: “been there, done that lost my tee shirt!

So lets close on some positivity, a quote from an Australian guy, Dr Joseph Braysich: Business & Sales Speaker Coach / Author, Greater Sydney Area

Success come in cans, not can nots

You can reach him on LinkedIn

Now Fanfan may not come in a can – she certainly does not like thinking inside a box, but she is full of positive energy and enthusiasm.

Talk to Fanfan today about your China Social Media Marketing Plan.

Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse -China social media creative
Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse – lead China social media creative


A GenY or Millennial  generation Ms Wang brings a fresh, modern, personally realistic viewpoint on how to reach this much coveted China consumer group.

Prior to helping start the Bicaverse, Fan studied Fashion Marketing at Manchester university. She has also travelled extensively across Europe.

A strong supporter of Chinese fashion designers Fan has a close network with many like minded China marketing professionals being instrumental in many of our client’s success.

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