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What happened- China 11/11 2022?

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Hello again from Aim2D real time, 24/7 #ChinaBusinessMarketing, Tech and Social Media News Portal of Bic Brands based in sunny Shunyi. Tuesdays we look at business, marketing, tech or social news in and around China. Friday is image gallery where we examine a place, topic or subject giving you greater insight, background to life in China, and of course, your Chinese consumer.

We are 3 weeks past China’s last 11/11 – the massively huge, multi trillion dollar China shopping extravaganza, so let’s see how it went.

Regular readers will recall we ran a series of posts leading up to this years 11/11 or Singles Day.

Following what was not such a brilliant showing in 2021, Alibaba and friends were pinning a lot of this years results. However, at that time we also went out on a limb, or twig and suggested that:

 from our feedback and reading of shoppers temperature locally- that this will again end up a lack luster event.

So, were we right or wrong?
Sadly it seems we will never know because, despite the hype and gushing enthusiastically over how certain sectors, hours and other metrics outperformed previous years or expectations, no one is talking when to comes to total figures. We’ll leave you to fill in the blanks there~

The Rise and Fall of China Celeb Marketing

For CMO’s and marketers who follow us and trends in China however, it probably wasn’t much of a surprise. For example, there had been several high profile stories and less than positive comments on China’s social media regarding the ongoing scandals of tax avoidance, under age sex, and rape that have seem some brands scrambling for fire hoses and axes.

Recently we referenced a passage from JING DAILY regarding celebrity marketing in China. In case you missed it :>O here is a brief recap, again, quoting from Jing Daily:

According to a recent report by Shiqu Insight Engine, celebrity marketing events in March 2022 fell by 50.9% compared with the same period last year. Conversely, co-branded marketing and new product marketing surged 91.3 % and 57.6 %

Brands Shy Away From Celebrity Marketing in China

This was amplified by a similar themed article from The China Skinny. They also base off the Shiqu report and quote the same Jing Daily article as we referenced but take a slightly different tack in evaluating it.

Last month, there were less than half as many celebrity marketing events in China as a year ago according to a report from Shiqu.

However at the end of the day both The Skinny and Aim2D seem to be dancing to the same waltz: – that is ;

whilst Celeb marketing in China can bring fairly fast, high sales, it is not the only option and as always in marketing, there should not be only one arrow in your quiver of tools.

Of course as marketing businesses we are both ever so slightly biased. But bear in mind, at the end of the day, our existence depends on the success of our clients. Therefore we tend to look at it from the view point of what is best for the client, as ultimately, it will benefit us. Again we urge readers to exercise their own judgement when accessing links to mainstream publications

Ok, that’s all for this week, we will of course return Friday with our usual image gallery or video, conditional on suitable material being available. We leave you with the Skinny’s: Surprise, Surprise: Brands are Spending Less on Celebs in China

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Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse -China social media creative
Ms Wang Fan, a founding member of The Bicaverse – lead China social media creative


A GenY or Millennial  generation Ms Wang brings a fresh, modern, personally realistic viewpoint on how to reach this much coveted China consumer group.

Prior to helping start the Bicaverse, Fan studied Fashion Marketing at Manchester university. She has also travelled extensively across Europe.

A strong supporter of Chinese fashion designers Fan has a close network with many like minded China marketing professionals being instrumental in many of our client’s success.

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