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China’s Hidden Beauty

Jiangsu a smaller province in China is not just beautiful but attractive economically for foreign brands

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Autumn, in most places, brings out natures beauty. China is no exception. And in the cooler, drier northern China provinces, nature puts on quite a show. We’ll take a quick peek.

Unlike many fully developed countries, inbound, international tourism is still only a very, very small percentage of China’s GDP. The handful that do come here tend, generally speaking, to play it safe and stick to the mains cities and well known tourist spots; Beijing (The Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City) Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu, (China’s Venice – our feature image) and Xi’an (Terracotta Army).

But for those with a thirst for a bit of adventure and ready to hike off the beaten track, there are some very surprising and beautiful scenic beauty spots in China. OK, maybe we should clarify “off the beaten track.” That might be a reach too far. With a population just short of 4.5 billion most, if not all, tracks are well and truly beaten. It is hard to be alone in China~

North China, as we mentioned has some incredible natural scenic attractions, especially during autumn when trees begin to turn from green, to gold and red. Little wonder China’s national colours are green red and gold!

Hike any track in the hills around Beijing at around that time of year and you will be rewarded with, not only stunning semi aerial views of Beijing city, spreadeagled at your feet, but also a palette of colour.

It used to be that the National Day holiday (1st to 7th October) was THE best time ( or around that time) to step into them thar hills and find gold. However, the fickleness of nature these days means that it is only about now, early to mid November that trees are beginning to flaunt their true beauty.

Despite that, today we are travelling a wee bit further south and east. To Zhejiang. Anlu City to be exact, a short trip into the rural areas. Here traditional Chinese architecture and lifestyle combine with gnarled Ginkgo tress forming a time machine- almost whisking you back to life in China as it was before the world went crazy~ Courtesy of China Daily.

In ancient Anlu, ginkgo trees reflect autumn

We hope this weeks image gallery helps you to relate better with your Chinese consumer, and realise that China is more than just the big cites of Shanghai and Beijing.

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