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19 years -Happy Birthday Aim2D (& Ms Yu)!

Aim2D 19th Birthday cake

Yes, today is our & Everlyne Yu’s birthday – 19 years old.

Well Aim2D is nineteen years old today, Ms Yu is a tad older~
Saturday, 29th October 2003 we officially launched WordPerfect Marketing Studio, a legally licensed and registered China business.

Later to be the grandmother of Aim2d. Coincidentally – not – it was also Everlyne’s Birthday. Today is a double celebration.

Those were tough years. No digital back then. Sales reigned supreme in China, marketing was a dirty word, untrusted, tantamount to a scam. Sales Managers were King.

We have learnt a lot since.

To everyone who has trusted us with their business account over the years, a big thank you! You have been critical to our success.

And of course to the small team of people who have worked and stood with us, many still with us, thank you for your support, hard work (and we mean HARD), long hours, late nights and sometimes incredible pressure. You are the greatest.

Bicyu client logo bar
A selection of Bicyu clients since 2003

So here’s looking at you kid, and the next 19 years!


From a mere marketing minion in 2002, Ms Yu has come a long way, since co-founding WordPerfect marketing in 2003, her own company Uengager in 2017.

Along the way she has earned the distinction of being a noted authority and speaker on SaaS in China, a respected China Digital and Social Media marketer and trainer plus a consulting adviser on customer experience web optimisation in China.
Happy Birthday to Yu!

2 responses to “19 years -Happy Birthday Aim2D (& Ms Yu)!”

    1. Thanks very much Nikolay, lovely to hear from you.
      Our friendship also goes back many years, I miss those balmy days we spent together in Beijing.
      Hopefully when all the madness of the past few years settles we can catch up again.
      Best wishes to you and all our Russian friends.
      Wishing you good business and happiness.


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