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Email Bitcoin Extortion – a new game.

fake news paper

Updated: May 25th 2022.


Hello, thanks for dropping by. We guess you’ve just received an email claiming to have compromising video about you and threatening to share it with friends and contacts. Understandably you’re worried. Relax, it’s a scam, commonly known as “Sextortion.” It is bullshit, you have nothing to worry about. DO NOT PAY. You really need to read our updated page for more info and support.

We are a Beijing based, digital organisation, we began this page back in 2017 as a support for the then emerging Bitcoin sex extortion scams. As the scams updated, we updated the page. 2022 we noticed a decline in this field but an uptick in others, notably fake bankers or dead relatives “coming back to life” on Facebook etc. Our current page Sextortion, Bitcoin, Cyber Banking and other scams updates these. Some of the topics and FAQ’s we discuss there are listed opposite.

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