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Hello and as always, greetings from Shunyi for Tuesday, 18th May 2021. Tail end of spring here. Partially cloudy sky but lots of blue patches with a temp of 25* at 9-30. Probably top 30 before the day ends. Over the past few articles we’ve introduced you to some of the publications we follow and refer to you as good sources of insight for life in China. Yes, life in China.
Because understanding your customer, her background and life is key to business success in China.

One of Aim2D’s primary aims is to educate. Inform potential investors in the China market.
Not just about business matters but trends and happenings behind the curtain and under the skirts as it were. So today, we will be looking at this from two aspects. First we will introduce Alizila, or, for some of you reintroduce. The re word here is important. A clue to part two.

Who or what is Alizila?

It almost seems a waste of a heading for such a short, following paragraph. But here goes.

Alizila is the media propaganda or publicity arm of Alibaba. And we are guessing that you know who or what Alibaba is.~

Ok, now here is a bit of fun trivia for you. Some local knowledge, local language, vernacular or slang. In Chinese, the number 8 is pronounced bah – as in bah bah black sheep. Alibaba ends in bah bah. So you may sometimes see it written as Ali88. Clever huh? Also helps us justify that heading! Oh and just to finish, you may also see Chinese end their letters / emails; 88 for bye bye as the US language to them sounds like bah bah too!

Despite being Alibaba centric, Alizila is a wonderful resource as it does, in many cases, focus on newer or latest developments or trends in China’s marketing landscape. Admittedly from a strong E-commerce and Taobao focus. But what we really like most about Alizila is the medium it portrays in – video. With Alizila you don’t have to sit and read a boring article. Such as this.
You can watch it. We actually ran a few articles from Alizila when we looked at Live Streaming in China. You can find a couple more here and here. Ok now, another Bic quiz question:

Who or what is re-commerce?

So, you understand commerce. E- commerce is a no brainer. What about re-commerce?
Here’s a clue; think of re marketing. You know that irritating trend where Google etal track your web history, then send you; “relevant and interesting marketing and product info” – AKA adverts – on the items you have already bought! Duh! Whoever thought irritating potential customers was a good Idea needs some serious coaching.

Anyway, re commerce is a fancy word for selling second hand or used items. Some countries use the rather glamorous term of “opportunity shop – or opshop.” However, times have changed.
At least in China. And when we say changed, we mean CHANGED!
From what was the store of little choice for those less fortunate, second hand, used or pre loved ( sounds like a Divorcé ) items are now hot. Especially when it comes to luxury. You know, that million dollar Gucci gown that madam realty TV wore for 20 minutes!

Ok, putting snide sarcasm aside, second hands items have also exploded universally following an awareness of recycling, green economies and looking after the planet. Sustainable lifestyles. Which incidentally, we fully support. Recycling or environmental awareness is one of the drivers for re commerce in China as Chinese consumers started to take conservation and the environment very seriously. Despite the reputation China has, this awareness has been steadily growing for some time. Recent Gvt legislation requiring residents to sort household waste prior to dumping has given it an extra boost.

So re-commerce is one of marketers latest buzz words. But of course, as my gran used to say; “where’s there’s muck there’s money.” Now, in-so-far as technology is concerned, I think it’s safe to argue that China is up there with the best of them. Maybe ahead in many aspects of tech in society and consumerism. So it was inevitable that Alibaba would take the traditional form of second hand store concept and Appatise it. We mean, now there is an App for buying and selling second hand goods. As they say, only in China! You can read, or rather watch and learn more here with this wonderful video, from Alizila, all about re marketing – Chinese style!

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