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Hello, last Friday, March 5th, we brought you an intro to China’s 2 Sessions annual policy meetings: China Government and your business. in it we mentioned that Caixin Global would be bringing updates, commentary and analysis over the coming week. Today, we include excerpt from a couple of small sections.

Although we don’t have time to go into it here, and it is really outside the cope of Aim2D, it is both useful and interesting to get an understanding of how these things work.
Even if just from a basic, superficial level.
Why would we say that?

Well, it does sort of, tie in with Aim2D’s errr, aim if you will, which is to provide overseas business with current, relevant news and feedback on what is actually happening today in China business. Basically, the more you know and understand about the landscape here and the playing field, the easier it is to formulate a plan and strategy. As in any game, a good skipper and coach get to know the track or playing field before the big game.

Now, like it or not, as a good manager / business person you know that business and politics can never be divorced. The recent feud between China and the US, Canada and the US. Mexico and the US and the EU and the US brought this into sharp relief.

So, as a good manger, not only do you need to know the day to day shifts, moods and trends of China technology, marketing, business, social media and consumers tastes but also long term Government plans. We believe you really can not know too much when it comes to business in China. Or anywhere.

So, with that in mind, we have cherry picked a couple of headlines and extracts from today’s Caixin. Sadly Caixin have elected to make this content premium. However, we do recommend a subscription, at the end of the day it will be money well spent.
Please click on each red headline to access the story

Two Sessions 2021: Highlights of Premier’s Government Work Report

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Friday delivered a report on the work of the central government on the first day of the annual gathering of the country’s legislature, the National People’s Congress (NPC). He reviewed the government’s work last year, laid out economic and social targets for 2021 and the national development roadmap for the next five years. Here are the highlights selected from the premier’s work report:

Work review of the Central Government in 2020

― Based on China’s realities, we refrained from adopting a deluge of strong stimulus policies but took swift, decisive and well-considered steps, thus maintaining a desired balance between various macro p

Two Sessions Digest: What Are Attendees Asking for the Government to Do?

As in most Governments, part of these sessions are given over to Gvt highlighting past achievements, self congratulatory back patting. Part is also reserved for stating and describing the coming year, or, as in this case, next 5 year plan. But it isn’t just all one way. Delegates; representatives of various businesses, communities or regions also attend and have opportunity to push their ideas and requests.

In this piece, we focus on a comment made by CPPCC member Liu Yonghao, the founder and chairman of domestic agribusiness giant New Hope Group. He proposes that China should set up a government-subsidised pig breeding program and encourage companies to take part. Liu urges the government to modernise the industry in order to avoid fluctuations in the price of China’s most popular meat.

Again, please press the blue headline to link to the article source.
To talk with us re your business plans and strategy in China for next or coming 5 years, please give Everlyne a call. She is at your disposal.

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