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February 2020 in China

Chinese business woman drinking coffee at a meeting

Start of March, and the “working” New Year of the OX is probably now almost back to normal. Most people who went away for their Spring Festival came back around a week ago after the statuary 7 days. Many others tacked an extra few days onto the event.

But by now, the majority of China’s work force should be back, and cranked up to full speed.
If you have any doubt of this, just check China’s depressing air quality figures for the tail end of February as factories turn on everything to make up for down time.

In today’s Aim2D issue we are going to try something a little different. A quick, wrap or look back at SOME of the stories that made news in China last month. Most we did not cover.
Of course, these are business related one way or another – there was, probably, a lot more going on in other sectors!
We hope it gives you a slightly wider viewpoint and understanding of China and some of the events etc that may impact your business and decision making here.

All links below lead to Rome, or rather our premier, go-to for up to the moment, objective China business news publication; Caixin Global. Most are “Member” [FREE to join] whilst others may be subscription and secured behind a pay wall.

Kuaishou Shares Almost Triple in Hong Kong Debut

Sponsors Face Tougher Inspections Over STAR Market IPO Problems

Biden Vows to Counter ‘Aggressive, Coercive’ China While Signaling Hope For Cooperation

HNA comes unglued

Exclusive: Hundreds of HNA-Linked Companies Expected to Restructure, Sources Say

Four Things to Know About China’s Big Changes to Data Collection Rules

Analysis: Why Myanmar’s Joint Military-Civil Rule Failed

In Depth: How an Ex-Migrant Worker Built a Million-Dollar Crime Ring on Prostitution, Fraud and Intimidation

More contrition from Huawei

Huawei Founder Apologizes for Using Company to Help His Daughter

ByteDance Sues WeChat Owner for Blocking Content in Escalating Standoff

Exclusive: Ex-England Soccer Club Chief Spent Months in Detention Centers, Relatives Say

Protecting furry friends

Trending in China: Pet Owners Fight to Have Their Pets With Them During Covid-19 Quarantines

Young artists and the pandemic.

Sculpted Out of the Pandemic

Threat of Renewed Pandemic Freezes China’s Annual Travel Rush

In second Covid-19 Lunar New Year, even fewer Chinese will travel amid new restrictions aimed at limiting resurgence and spread in rural areas

In Depth: China’s Carbon Trading Market Hobbled by Unanswered Questions

In Depth: Chinese Firms Take U.S. Government to Court to Undo Trump-Era Bans

In Depth: Rush to Expand China’s Oil Refining Capacity Raises Specter of Supply Glut

Do’s and Don’ts for China’s Tech Self-Sufficiency Dream


Tencent Gets Fired Up Over Internal Corruption

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