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Engage your Chinese Consumers Better

Creative Tips for China’s 11/ 11

china-creative- single-day-campaigns

It was the biggest online sales festival of the year in China and maybe the world. Thankfully, it is all over and done with until 2021. But you can bet your life that planning for that event has already started. In this, short post, we look at five more examples of creative D11 campaigns from this year, courtesy of The Luxury conversation.

Maybe now, as we move into a Covid world you are thinking it might be a good opportunity for your brand next year. Indeed it is but opportunity tends to be spread evenly. And yu can bet yiur boots you wont be the only brand with the same idea.

So not only do you need to start preparing and planning NOW but you need to look at creating something daring different and unique. Yes, they say there is nothing new under the sun, so that is your challenge because history of this event has shown us, creativity leads to massive success. You might like how luxury brands can win in Double -11 by The Luxury Conversation as a primer.

For more specific ideas from the 2020 D11 festival, check out this website for five examples of the more creative D11 campaigns we saw this year.

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