China’s Middle Class- under the lens.

Taitau is a Lithuanian brand of especially high quality – natural chocolate. We love it, so will you.

WPBeijing was a marketing studio founded in Beijing, October 2003 by Peter Bic and Everlyne Yu. 2017 it became Bicyu, a NZ registered company. The Aim2D brand was formed in 2014.
This article is part of a Weekend Series where we dare to share our experiences and insights.
So, make yourself a pot of Oolong tea, grab a chocolate bar and settle down for a longer read.

Can middle-class Chinese withstand the aftershocks of COVID-19?

Chinese middle class consumers
Chinese shoppers enjoying sunshine

Hello, today we are changing gears a little but with a link to an article form Sixth Tone. You will recall we introduced Sixth Tone back here as a newer edition of our news provider stable. Well maybe not news as such. Sixth Tone tends to be more of a deeper, analytical media usually taking a meatier approach to stories about social issues or people in China. A longer read.

Which is a primary reason why we include them. Knowing the latest China business, marketing and tech trends and news is important. In today’s word, things change awfully quickly.This is even more true in China where what appear as trends can be fads; here at breakfast, forgotten by supper.

So a wise China business or marketing manager also looks at the deeper picture. How do these trends or latest news impact consumers at a deeper level? How is society changing? Do they? Is it? And if so, in what way? Having cutting edge tools and info is one thing. It is part of the fight. The other and arguably more important part is knowing how this info relates to your business. To your customers. And then figuring out how and if you can or need to leverage it.

“I have never perceived my family to be part of the middle class,” she said. “When I hear ‘middle class,’ I think of my clients. They have more money from their own companies or their jobs as skilled professionals or managers in large enterprises. My husband and I both work in the service industry; it’s very fragile.”

Sixth Tone

So our topic today is a look at the so called Middle Class in China. How they see themselves, the pressure they are under and how they are effected by Covid 19. If at all. How and what way are their lifestyles changing. With the “middle class” still a burgeoning group in China and influential in many of consumer trends, this article , a look inside the head of China’s middle class, is a must read for any business with either a presence in China or thinking of establishing one.

Hello, I’m Everlyne Yu, founder and CEO of Uengager and WPBeijing Marketing Studio 2003.

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the China market and have been privileged to work with many international clients, such as VW and their release of their Bora and the extremely successful CC as well as a long term, ongoing relationship with Sodexo.

Selected Clients

I am happy to chat and discuss any questions, no matter how small or trivial you may think. Probably someone has already asked the same question- many times!

In China Marketing- there is no such thing as a silly question.

To see how your brand can flourish in China, please talk to Everlyne now, or understand more about me.

Ev Yu
Everlyne Yu CEO Uengager

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Bicyu is a NZ registered, British owned MarTech business based in Beijing providing marketing, tech, education and information services to European, NZ, Australian, UK, African, and Asian firms doing business in China. We work with local ones too. We've been here doing this since 2003. We also incorporate Aim2D and Uengager in our small brand list.

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