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Chinese woman taking selfie

Hello, and greetings from Shunyi, Beijing where it is Tuesday 25th August.
We are expecting 35* and light rain. A pleasant day!
In this post we are doing something a little different. Introducing a new media source. China Plus. OK, China plus is not exactly new, it’s been around a while, we have been evaluating it or a couple of months.

To give some quick background,

China Plus is the website of CRI International. China Radio International and it was broadcasting when the Bic first arrived back in 2001. It followed an easy listening format, playing mostly middle of the road 1970’s onward western pop songs. Hosted by English speaking jocks, its most popular slot was breakfast segment. A not too serous station for English listening practice maybe?

CRI is owned, operated, control and thus restrained by the China Gvt so it generally walks a fairly safe path. Nothing even remotely contentious. To some extent China Plus follows the same recipe. It tackles local and international news, but mindful of the censors guidelines. It is less restrictive than say Global Times which spins everything to a pro party line yet not quite as adventurous as say Caxin Global or the Alibaba owned South China Morning News. Which, incidentally, is more often blocked in China than not.

But we felt it is worth adding to our stable of links for a lighter, podcast approach. Well it is a radio based site. There are also a few business news stories we missed elsewhere, as such this.You might even pick up a few Chinese words or expressions along the way~

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