Marketing “Cute” in China

China food delivery Meituan Rabbit Ears

Hello again, its been a rather busy and somewhat dramatic start to the month- August. So I thought we would look, very quickly at something a little more fun and light hearted. Motorbike food delivery firms and their competition. Or, more exactly the lengths some are going to to secure business.

I’m sure you know what we mean. Here in China apart from McD’s and KFC’s own branded delivery lassies and lads, there are several private firms offering similar home delivery services from most

restaurants these days. It always has been an ultra competitive business, Covid has just added an extra layer to that competitiveness. It’s probably similar in which ever part of Europe you are living in.

Most of these firms opt for color coding to distinguish themselves on the street. From yellow, to blue to green, to pink to, well you get the idea. Without going into too much detail, one of the original and leading brands has an image of a leaping Kangaroo as its logo.

Recently it has turned up the heat by outfitting its riders with a kangaroo head hood. Now, Asia is the land of cute, I mean, they brought us Hello Kitty yes? So unsurprisingly, these things have captured the attention of the public. Now every one wants one. Not sure if this is the end result their marketing team Aimed for- [pun intended] but as they say, any publicity is good except an obituary.

Ok, now you can read variation of this story on several Chinese sites right now, but we chose Caixin as it is not just in English but also a little more detail driven.

You might need to become a member- free with your email. Enjoy.

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