Perfect Diary in China

Perfect Diary C-Beauty cosmetics

You would be forgiven if, from reading the title you thought this post was about writing, memories reminiscences or other pen and paper products. Forgiven- but wrong.
In truth Perfect Diary in China is a beauty product.
Not just any beauty product in China- a C Beauty product- or made in China.

C Beauty has been gaining in popularity over the years as Chinese pride and support of local products increases.  For a long time, sought after brands in China were of higher quality and prices from countries like France, Japan, and South Korea.
Local brands tended to occupy the lower end of the market. 
To learn more about C Beauty in China, please read this Jing Daily piece.

However C Beauty brands began pitching their product as more attuned to local skin conditions.
A ploy that apparently has worked. Especially with the youngest generation of beauty users in China. Which brings us nicely back to Perfect Diary.

Perfect Diary

A relative new comer to the beauty scene in China, Perfect Diary was founded in Guangzhou by David Huang in 2015. It is certainly a pretentious young brand to be going head to head with the likes of the industry big girls.

But sometimes, audacity pays off.
After showing strong performance and some crafty marketing using the new-ish WeChat mini programs in 2019, Perfect Diary has gone on to be the top seller in the recent 618 shopping Festival in China.

It bills itself as an e-commerce-based cosmetic brand providing easy-to-use cosmetics products for young – 18 to 25 year old – Asian women. Although, judging by their advertising, they are also attracting the attention of young Chinese androgynous males.
To read more abut upwardly mobile C- Beauty brands other than Perfect Diary please read this second Jing Daily article.

Why Should you Care?

Just to refresh, if you are a foreign brand in China, no matter your niche, the luxury and beauty sector in China should be on your radar. Apart form being an excellent bellwether to Chinese consumer trends these brands, especially local, are often among the cutting edge in their marketing techniques. You can learn a lot from them.

To talk about your brand or product in China, how to reach a bigger consumer share post Covid, please talk to Everlyne now.

Thanks for reading our China news, marketing, tech and social media article – we hope it was useful, relative, informative, valuable.

Not Useful?
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In 2003 Everlyne Yu co-founded WPBeijing Marketing Studio with Englishman Peter Bic, now known as Bic Brands.

She began Uengager, a company focused on customer engagement, as a SaaS MarTech company in 2017.

Hello, Nihao, I’m Everlyne

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Everlyne is also a key note speaker, lecturer and KOL on MarTech in China. She is CEO of Uengager, business development officer for Bicyu.

Everlyne hs been privileged to work with a variety of international organisations, from VW, Cushman Wakefield, Sodexo, Bristol Myers Squibb to local Chinese firms such as Midea, and OK Order.

If you’re looking for guidance, tips, advice on any aspect of starting or growing a business in China or training, coaching your existing China marketing team for excellence, be sure to check out Uengager. Home page and base for Everlyne Yu. Read her short bio – opposite left – or contact her direct – below – for a free, heart to heart chat.

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