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This article is based on a question from a woman a few years back regarding her WordPress website site. Of course, it applies to any website, not just WordPress. There are many excellent articles on the web with more indepth detail- you might find value in reading them also

Content is, today, the biggest driving factor in optimisation. There is no real optimum length, although we have found somewhere between 500 to 700 words is good.
Circa 200 words or less doesn’t seem to appeal to bots, over 1k doesn’t appeal to humans!
The winning or killing factor is content quality; relativity and usefulness to the reader. Bots work on the presumption the searcher has a question or problem they need an answer to. They then serve pages that, in their view, best fit the searchers needs. Conciseness and preciseness are relevant here.

Say, you sell widgets that have 3 basic, useful features.
Ideally, you would create 3 pages of around 500 words extolling each virtue or feature.
In your META tags [title description keywords] you would create unique terms for each page. Now you have 3 optimised bites at the bot cherry.
This helps overcome the possibly of one feature cannibalising the others- if you see what i mean.
Don’t try to sell two things that do the same thing- more or less. One will hurt the other.
Make them complimentary- not competitive.
Keep the 3 meta in mind- as a map or race track. Stick to them with your content.
Be ruthless when editing.
If something doesn’t fit what you have in your meta, cut it. If it  is important, make another page.

Today’s bots are smart.

They scan your META, then your content to check for a match. If OK, they balance this against the probability of it meeting searchers needs. If good, your page gets served.
At the bottom of each page you can add something that says:
Learn more how ABC washes your Tshirt whilst making you coffee,” with a hyper link to another feature page. That way you can interlink all 3 pages. Good for readers and good for SEO – bots like links and depth. Depth is, as you know, when readers look at more than one page. All good stuff for your bot brownie points.

Follow what you already know about selling; keep product front and centre, ensure features are linked to benefits and clearly shown.
Big difference is in the showroom or Expo stand, you have the visitor face to face and, relatively speaking, time is on your side. You also have some control. However, on line, the luxury of time  and control is wiped – ❤ seconds she is gone.

China Marketing Images

Think about and chose pictures wisely- carefully. Too many images distracts users. Random, irrelevant images confuse users. Decide what you want them to focus on using minimum pictures to highlight the text.
Images should always be relevant to the content.
Don’t just use a picture because it looks nice. An image costs you bandwidth; make sure it is earning its keep!
Make sure it relates to what you are selling- a visual addition to your content.

We headed this: “China Marketing Images” but of course, it is relevant to any country.
The important point we need to make is if you are using images of people -always a good choice- make sure they are Chinese. Or what ever nationality you are targeting.
Although there are a few exceptions to this rule, generally, humans like to see pictures of other similar humans. This helps your reader identify more closely with your content. More inclined to buy perhaps?

Don’t forget the img ALT tags. Yoast helps with this. Be descriptive in your tag, use keywords wherever possible. eg: picture of washing machine v/s picture of ABC brand time saving auto washer. [assuming the text relates to time saving benefit] You have many pretty pics but…..What did you do there? What was the product or benefit shown in the image?

Now, maybe you’re thinking, why? No one see this. Partially true. But screen readers and some other devices do. Maybe a web issue means images are not showing- then the little alt tag CAN be read.
The biggest plus is bots can’t as yet-  scan images.
So they have absolutely no idea if it is a picture of a kitten or a cat. We need to tell them.
With a fully descriptive img alt tag the bot understands what the image is and how it relates to the text.
One more tick in getting your site in front of a user.

Consider converting images to .webp format from png or jpeg. They are lighter and still retain quality so that helps load times. This is useful if you use big images to catch attention or the WOW factor.
Lastly don’t forget a CTA.
They can look a bit cheesy,and everyone has one- but there is a reason for that. Many really great sales people can sell ice cream to Eskimos. Well, almost.
When it comes to the sale they fail.
They don’t know when to stop selling and ask for an order.
So make your TA big and bright, obvious, get people to do something, a free quote, catalogue, set up a visit,  call- whatever.

WordPress Plugins

The beauty and strength of WP is in the plugins. There is one for any task.
But that strength is or can also be its weakness.
Plug ins slow a site- albeit a tiny, tiny, tiny bit. Too many PI’s and your site will lag.
Yoast is a great tool, but treat it as a guide. Some of the suggestions re vocab etc are too rigid.
It tends to aim at the lowest common denominator; the basic kitten and recipe blogger.
Your readers will likely have a better education, vocab and understanding of “big words,” jargon.
Slavishly following YOAST to get all the green lights may make your site seem patronising.
The YOAST blog is worth reading though, has some great tips.

We hope this helps getting your content in front of your Chinese readers.readers.
If you would like a hand or have questions regarding social media platforms in China, please drop us a line.

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